Why would they ever hold the SuperBowl in an outdoor statium?

I recently read that there are plenty of unsold tickets for this year’s Superbowl. Apparently, it is the first time in years that it’s not sold out.

Also, it was reported that ticket prices are plummeting. A ticket to the Superbowl used to sell on Craigslist for a lot of money. But this year, it’s being held in an outdoor stadium and people are selling their tickets for comparatively cheap prices.

My question is why would they hold a game played in February in an outdoor stadium when there are plenty of covered stadiums all over the country?

NOT “all over the country”. Only in more temperate climes.

Because football is a winter sport - it’s the way it is meant to be played, outdoors and in the weather.

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It is sold out. Scalpers are not getting as much money as before which means that tickets are going for several hundred dollars rather than a few thousand. Most SBs have been outdoors actually but in places like California and Florida. Football in general has been played in cold weather since the beginning of the sport over 100 years ago.

Other than that, yeah.

Where in the world did you read that? Super Bowl tickets sell out immediately, because ticket brokers buy as many as they can the moment they’re put on the market.

Football *should *be played in the icy mud. Tese kids today, mollycoddled nancy-boys each and every one of them. Back in my day, if we broke a leg playing football we played the game out hopping on one foot.

But you tell that to one of these divas today and they don’t believe you. “Oh, it’s raining! Put a roof over the field! Oh, I scratched myself! Call the team doctor! Call my lawyer to re-negotiate my contract before I cross the goal line!”


Its a tradition to select new stadiums for Super Bowl. One reason is that the new ones are larger, and its true at this time.
“At a construction cost of approximately $1.6 billion, it [ Metlife] is the most expensive stadium ever built[6] and is the largest stadium in the NFL in terms of permanent seating capacity.[2][7]”
… And besides its time Superbowl went to NYC’s area. (I know its NJ).

Most Super Bowls have been played in outdoor stadiums. What makes this one different is that it is being played in a cold weather city outdoors. The reason for this is the NFL commisioner wanted to play a Super Bowl in the New York area as a sign of support for the region after the WTC attacks. It was initially supposed to be played in a new covered stadium that was being built for the Jets. Financing for that stadium fell through and the outdoor stadium is the only plausible place in the NYC region to play it.

Seriously? His reaction time seems to be incredibly slow.

Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

False. The commissioner in 2001 was Paul Tagliabue, who was replaced by Roger Goodell in 2006. Bidding for Super Bowl XLVIII began in 2007 or 2008, and the winner was announced in 2010. If the NFL wanted to “show support for the region”, they’d have done so for a Super Bowl much earlier than that, regardless of any plans for a new stadium.

And to think that the NFL hasn’t done anything to “show support for the region” prior to 2014 is laughable.

Super Bowls are given to cities which build new NFL stadia to encourage NFL cities to continue building new stadia. It has nothing to do with 9/11 or stadium size. That’s why Jacksonville got a Super Bowl (XXIX) despite not having the hospitality industry to support one. It’s why Indianapolis got one (XLVI) despite not having enough beds or any other redeeming features (:D). It’s why Detroit got one (XL).

In years where they aren’t rewarding new construction, Super Bowls are held in Florida and California.

Yep, Minneapolis will have the new Vikings stadium (enclosed) done in time for the 2016 Super Bowl and are making a bid for it. I’m guessing they should get it.

The fact the Super Bowl is being played in more natural weather conditions makes me more interested in the game that I have been for years now.

To me football is meant to be played in whatever weather as nasty as it can be. Cold, rain, mud or whatever.

I not care for the antiseptic playing conditions of indoor stadiums or southern locals with nice climates this time of year. Not natural in a football sense, at least IMHO.

FWIW, I also like the cold-weather game idea.

… and New Orleans and Texas, of course.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be in Phoenix at the new (when the game was bid) U of Phoenix Stadium. Hampshire, the 2016 Super Bowl is already scheduled - it will be in San Fran at the under-construction Levi’s Stadium. I think you mean 2018.

2016 is already taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forecast high in NYC on Sunday: 6C. You want cold, national professional football championships? Here’s a list of cold national championships. If the Grey Cup were held in 6C weather, we’d have a suntanning contest prior to the game! :smiley:

Actually, the Super Bowl is called a world championship, because… well, because Americans are bad at geography.

as is 2017, though 2018 has been narrowed down to three finalists.

My bad. Looks like they’re shooting for 2019.