Why would you name your kid "Loneliness"? (Soledad)

Why not something more uplifting like “Hope”? (Esperanza)
Or “Happiness”? (Felicidad)

Because of this:

Most definitions that I saw on a quick google use the translation of solitude which has a very different connotation than loneliness.

Huh. I always thought it meant “sunshine” (“sol” being “sun”).

Begging the question, what is the Spanish word for “sunshine”?

It’s the name of a Catholic saint, Virgen de La Soledad.

Sol. Which is used in the girls’ name Maria del Sol or Marisol.

There are a few other Spanish names with sort of melancholoy connotations. Dolores (pains) and Consuelo (consolation, implies something sad) comes to mind. Esperanza (hope) also seems a little bittersweet to me, since the same word means “waiting” in Spanish. Remedios and Socorrro mean help, implying help is needed.

This isn’t Spanish, but I’ve seen a lot of people name their kids “Shonda”, unaware that it means “pity” in Yiddish.


This is something that kind of makes my head explode, but isn’t every name something else in a different language? My real name means “Princess,” but wouldn’t it be weird if that was actually my name. If I go to a country where that’s what my name is, do they think it’s weird? I know a girl named Tia. If she goes to Mexico, do people think it’s weird that her name is “Aunt?” I must stop thinking about this now. Why does a name have to mean anything? Does every name mean something? Why…when it could mean a totally different thing in another language…but, who cares? A lot of people are named simply because their parents liked the sound. Bye, now…