Why you cannot take someone else's ball(s) and go home

While penile transplants can and do happen, I found out that testicle transplants can but won’t happen because if the transplant is successful it will produce the sperm of the donor and not the recipient, and doctors are very hesitant when it comes to taking reproductive material without consent.
Learn something new every day, I guess. :eek::smiley:

Wow, that’s pretty fascinating.

Also: Testicle Ethics - band name!

How do they know this? Did they run some testes or something?

Maybe the proof is in the pudding?

Uh, yeah? How could it possibly work any other way?

I’d be happy to have my testicles transplanted if I die. It’s like the evolutionary jackpot!

I might flip it around:

The Ethical Testicles

Not if the transplant is better two identical twins

And to quote Sheldon Cooper: I have an idetic memory. Sometimes it’s a curse. I read an article about this case in a supermarket tabloid and never forgot it.

I would have thought the transplanted testicle just stopped producing sperm. Of course, I hadn’t heard of testicle transplantation before this story.

Definitely better!

Hmmm… what if you receive testicles from two different donors? If you then impregnate someone, is each father’s identity a 50/50 chance?

Then you are related to your mother by birth but your father by marriage.


Took a lot of balls to post this thread.

No-Just two.

I’m assuming the article’s talking about today’s current landscape of ethics and consent.

I mean, it’s one thing to not realize that sort of transplant is possible and to have not given consent, but why not just include it on the form, so that going forward, it IS something donors would be able to opt in/out of?

The problem is that you cannot sign away the hereditary rights for sisters, brothers, parents grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. The child of the donor’s sperm would be related to the donor’s family.

This is just nutty. :wink:

Is it even possible to give up for adoption a child that has yet to even be conceived?

Sperm donation doesn’t work like that. Why couldn’t testicle donation work the same way as sperm donation, as long as it is all spelled out in advance?

An inestimable ethical testicle.

Can you give irrevocable rights to someone for all sperm produced and yet to be produced?