Why you should not eat swine meat.

Trichinosis the subtle killer

Trichinosis is the name of the disease that originates with the trichina worm, which is scientifically named the trihinella spiralis. The trichina worm is one of the nineteen worms found in swine, not to mention lice on hogs or the various swine diseases such as rickets, thumps, mange, ect.

The Trichina worm is deadly. In March 1950 issue of Reader’s Digest, Laird S. Goldsbrough writes:

In the pork americans eat, there too often lurks myriads of baffling
and sinister parasites. They are minute spiral worms which scientist call trichinella spiralis. A single serving of pork,even a single mouthful, can kill or cripple, or condemn the victim to a lifetime of aches and pain.

See why we are warned in the Scriptures to stay away from his killer?

Now what kind of a world do we live in when this @#%$^&# is placed in so-called food stores?

Think about it.


Cook pork thoroughly. Kills any parasites. You also refer to an article that is 53 years old. Any chance of you joining us in this century? Do you have anything to debate? How about some medical opinions from the teeming millions, is trichinosis (lock jaw) treatable?

Well, according to the CDC, trichinosis is pretty much non-existent in North America.

The Green Feather, lockjaw is tetanus, not trichinosis.

So basically you are saying that at the time the scriptures were written by people and rules were made up and attributed to a diety, there was a legitimate reason for one of those rules. And that in fact, even up until 1950 our food processing skills hadn’t completely eraticed this problem. Is that about right?

But it’s a wonderful, magical animal.
In the Scriptures that I read it, one of it’s many truisms is: Pork Rules!

There’s also the truism about imported beers vs domestic beers, but it isn’t germane to this debate.

Stay away from beef too- mad cow.
Stay away from chicken too- salmonella.
Stay away from deer too- chronic wasting disease.

Why didn’t God warn us about these too?

Mmmmmmmm pork.

[Vincent Vega]But bacon tastes goooooood…"[/Vincent Vega]

You forgot the intestinal parasites from improperly cooked fish. Then, of course, you’ve got all the GM foods with fish genes implanted in them, so that’s bad too. In fact, they’re finding out that GM genes are showing up in non-GM plants now due to hybridization, so I guess plants are out as food as well. What’s left?

And in the Readers’ Digest, no less!

Any other sites?

Is it only me who finds citing from a 1950 Reader’s Digest article rather sinister?

Eat your turkey ham and beef bacon and soy “smokey rashers” if you will. I’ll stick to dead pig.

Are you planning on participating in this conversation?
Or are you just spamming for your websites?

I’ve thought about it. Pork tenderloin tonight.

Iyyob, your simplistic posts are amusing, if devoid of any rational thought. Just do us all a favor and don’t vote.

That’s from the Gospel According to Emeril, right?

What is GM? I keep thinking General Munchies, can’t imagine General Motors whipping out balogna.

[Homer]Oh, right. Like there’s some “magical animal” that gives bacon, pork chops and ham. :dubious:[/Homer]

In this case, GM refers to General Mills, a major producer of packaged foods.

Although I think General Munchies would be a much better name.

I thought GM meant genetically modified.

Why weren’t we warned in the Scripture to stay away from all of these other disease ridden foods?
Was Yahweh slacking?