I swear, why can people be able to get my emotions in a tangle so easily when there is a mutual admiration? ok, here’s a copy of what I sent to one of my friends in an email about it…
“Right now I’m kind of not in the greatest mood because Chris doesn’t know what he wants to do about the fact that
there’s a mutual admiration thing going on here. It kind of makes me nervous because I really like him from what I’ve experienced of him so far. I find him attractive in a way that I just want to take him and share something besides
friendship with him intensely. It will make me sad if he decides he doesn’t want to even try something out with me as more than friends. It almost scares me that he might not even consider it. Ugh, I’m sorry to dump this on you, it’s just that I talked with im about 20 minutes ago and it’s all that’s on my mind because it affects me emotionally too much. Well, at least it shouldn’t affect me the way it does. He barely even knows me and he can pull at my emotions so easily with the right words. ::whimper:: Why am I so fucking weak?!? Why? [Please Tasha, don’t start crying, it’s no good to do it over this.]”

I’m so attracted to the guy and he basically told me he wasn’t sure of how the day we met affected how he feels. In short, he doesn’t know if it’s afterglow of a little odd behavior or whether he truly wants to start a relationship with me, and until he figures it out, I will have no clue how to deal. I just don’t want to cry. I haven’t even known him for a full two weeks, I met him once IRL, and I have talked to him all of twice on the phone. I shouldn’t be like this, but I guess Rivkah was right about one thing: she said “He has a tendency to change his mind about people he likes. I don’t want you to get hurt.”*

[sub]*This is an approximation of what she said. It’s not verbatim.[/sub]

I have a feeling you’re going to want to have this thread deleted or closed or something, but here’s my dime:

You’re a teenager and taken with a guy.

I sympathise, Skugs, it seems to be the story of my life …

been there, done that, been hurt by it more then i care to remember

Aww…I’m sorry Tasha. You shouldn’t let him get to you. No man is worth your tears, and the one who is will never make you cry. {{{Tasha}}}

He hasn’t made me cry yet. Damned scorpios and their indecisiveness. I swear, I sound so cynical, but underneath that is the most idealistic person I know. I practically delude myself in idealism sometimes.


You’re new at this, huh? It sucks, life goes on, maybe he takes his blinders off, maybe he doesn’t. His loss if he doesn’t.

Don’t throw yourself at him too hard or you risk scaring him off. Be the same adorable person who has stolen the hearts of half the Dopers and he’ll get wise. Eventually. Or demonstrate why you should be happy he’s so indecisive.

Trust me, I’m in no mood to throw myself at anyone. And I already figured out that doesn’t work with the last guy I liked. Ugh, talk about scaring him off…

Anyway, I’m gonna just let him think about what he wants and not call him for a little while. I need to work on my own stuff, like school and other little bullshit things like christmas shopping, and he can figure it out on his own.

Ok, mods, if one of you are awake, can you lock this thread? I have resolved what issues it was, and I’d like it to die now. Thanks for all who contributed their opinions.