Wierd Sexual Fetishes!

I have a fetish for veins, especially on arms [male] which always turn me on, but everytime I tell this to people, they always think I’m extremely weird.
I was just wondering if anyone finds this weird, if they have a “weird” fetish themselves, and what these fetishes might tell us about ourselves.


That’s a new one to me, might I suggest a troll through a few uncensored newsgroups :wink:
If an opinion, fetish, or outright perversion exists, their the place to look for it :0

And no. On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate it as a 2 .


i don’t know if you’d call it a “Fetish” but i have a thing for a guy’s eyebrows…


My boyfriend has a thing for bodices (you know, those vest-like things worn in olden times). When we went to the Pittsburgh Ren Faire he offered to buy me one if I’d wear it to his house. They were $65-85 though, so I talked him out of it, much as he would have liked to have seen me fashioning it…

His other fetish is pink hair.

Kickboxing. (Yeah, you know who you are that I’m talking to! :D)

I have a thing for girls with ponytails and a thing for overalls, especially when worn with a short shirt beneath.

Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm.

Dark hair and pale skin is a turn on.

Well, I these aren’t my fetishes (I’m not sure if anything that turns me on would fall into that category) but I just heard about a few of strange ones:

Balloon Fetish: specifically women blowing up balloons, until maybe they pop. There’s confetti inside for added affect. Also, just women holding balloons (and they’re regular balloons, by the way).

Sneeze Fetish: yep, there’s lots of sites on sneezing (the sound, movies of sneezes, and stories about sneezing).

Wet & Messy Fetish: girls rolling and playing in food, mud, and the like. I could understand this one, I suppose.

Tickling Fetish: self-explanitory. Though not my thing, I completely understand this fetish. :smiley:

I don’t know if you would call it a fetish or not but I just love women with small breasts.

I have a thing for female humans.

Not really a fetish, more of a voyeuristic thrill.

When I’m stopped in traffic and the woman in the car ahead is putting on makeup. I like seeing that. Stretching and leaning to look in the rear view mirror, finishing her eyes while tilting her head back just so…and then doing her lips while stretching her mouth one way and then the other.

Watching her transform - making herself feel pretty by making herself look pretty.

Oh what a thrill.

I have a thing for men in glasses…glasses are groovy.

I have to confess a thing for sterotypical Irish girls. Red hair, green eyes, freckles.

And (with a tip of the hat to JoeyHemlock) if she’s in coveralls with a short shirt. Well. . .

Saturn, I two pairs of glasses, one for reading, one for everything else. Is that a good thing, or overkill?

You can never have too many glasses :wink:

Short hair. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE women with short hair.

The weirdest one I ever heard of was a herpes fetish.