Wierd Weather

Today, here in central California, we had a few thunderstorms. Now, the usual weather for this time of year is either sunny and cool, or foggy. But today, of all days, we get a summer thunderstorm. It also touched off a few fires in the Los Padres National Forest near Big Sur. You will probably see something about them on your national evening news if the fire crews cant contain the blazes(or on “earth alert” at the Discovery Channel web page).The fires are in very rugged and remote areas, and theyre trying to fly in fire fighters. The weatherman said these storms are remnants of hurricane (or tropical storm, i forget)Greg.

Just thought i would share, since this is MPTIMS :).

I would just like to point out one of my listed items from “Spelling Pet Peeves” is featured in the title of this thread.

But you’re still cool, Doobieous. :slight_smile:

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

“English? Who needs that? I’m never going to England.”

Whoops Laura Rae, thanks for mentioning that. Sorry, I just finished talking to my friend who writes “weird” as “wiered”. Oh, and thanks for the compliment sniff i feel cool now :).

Yeah, Im in Pacific Grove, we have lightning storms from hurricane greg or whoever it was.

Whenyou see a flash of ligtning, count the nbr of seconds before you hear it and then figure 2 [?] miles per second. Frankly, the further the better for me.

About a week ago we had a hail storm in Western Washington, in August. We rarely even have any real rain or thunderstorms.

It was quite bizarre

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

HA! You guys must not have been to Texas where it has been known to rain mud.

The lighting in the San Francisco Bay Area last night was fantastic. We rarely get thunderstorms around here, and I can’t say that in the 28 years that I’ve lived here I’ve ever seen it as active as it was. My wife and I drove up to a vista point near where we live and watched the lights for almost three hours. Huge jagged fingers of lighting all across the southwest skyline. Pretty cool.

Wired Weather - wasn’t that done on the Smothers Brother’s comedy show by the hippie-dippie weatherman (George Carlin)?

oh, like, it wasn’t wired, huh…that’s weird - hand me another twinkie, man. Ohmigod, I can’t breathe, aaaaaaaaaaam I breathing?

Speaking of weird weather, I read somewhere that it once rained frogs in France (seriously). I was thinking about starting a separate topic on this once I found more specific info.

I’ve also heard of large hail with small fish frozen inside.

If this is true, how can it happen? Or is it a lot of hooie?

Handy: I have to say this, but PG is not the last hometown in America :)J/P. (I’m from Marina). Anyway, that show was fantastic. I remember several very long and thick bolts of lightning. It was interesting sitting on my porch listening to people in the neighborhood yell and cheer every time a big bolt ripped through the sky.