Wife comatose? Fuck her when you visit again and again.

This guy’s wife was comatose after a stroke. He visited on multiple occasions and fucked her. I can most certainly see why the nursing home staff reported their suspicions to the cops. The cops filmed him, but the film is inadmissible, which I can see as being right. Knowing the local system though, I can almost guarantee nobody used a rape kit which would have proved the case easily enough. this was a Madison man that housed his wife in this town. The charges are proper for what he did, the evidence collection is not.

Our DA’s a joke. She’s just gotten in trouble for destroying documents dealing with a police officer.

There have also been a number of recent pedophile rapes. They’re not one person either.

God I hate this town. It’s a pock on the ass of Satan.

Er… I may get flamed for this, but I’m not really sure if the guy did anything wrong here (I’m aware that his action was illegal. That doesn’t necessarily make it wrong).

What? He’s just trying to wake her up!

Hey, she did vow to stand by him “in sickness and in health”. She should have said “unless I’m unconscious” if she didn’t want something like this to happen.

Explain your reasoning.

Ooh, you’re gonna burn all right! In hell.:slight_smile:

Um, Giraffe? I checked the Dope registry again to be sure, and my first impression was right. I’m supposed to be the evil one, not you. :wink:

At least he didn’t try to get a blowjob.

If she’s fertile and gets pregnant, we are talking big hairy deal here; keeping a comatose person alive takes a lot of doing, keeping a pregnant comatose person (and the fetus) alive is a near-miracle. So unless he’s vasectomized or she’s had a tubal ligation, I could see an attempted homicide charge here (or at least criminal negligence).

Also, dude be skeevy as all hell.


Cheaper than a whore though.

That was before I became a mod, though. As part of the training process, you have to make a 20-yard field goal with a puppy while the other mods read from the Necronomicon. I must have gone through two dozen of the little scamps before I finally glanced one off a goal post, which was ruled close enough.

I’m now more moderator than man, twisted and evil.

“Do you vow to stand by this man, in sickness or in health in all situations enumerated within subsection (A).13 on form 13/J, not excluding all acts deemed appropriate by ad hoc submission to arbitration, baring ongoing negotions for one “act to be named later”, excepting actions such as those prohibited by law as of the date of this acceptance?”

And she is unconscious, therefore not able to give consent. You can still rape someone that’s your spouse. Even despite illegality, how could that be thought of as a-okay? Only way I wouldn’t think it as fucked up as I do know is if dude provided a valid contract from his wife while not under duress stating that if she ever had a stoke he was still allowed to bang her unconscious body. Show me that signed, notarized contract and I will let any of you bang me in the event I am in a coma.

Kill Bill anyone? This dude driving the Pussy Wagon?

Always read the small print.

How many times must I tell you guys this? If you want to apply for a position with Evilitude Inc., SEND YOUR RESUME TO HR. I can’t be making exceptions just because you’re Dopers.

Good thing the nursing home people reported it, because as we all know, sexual abuse of the sick and incompetent never ever happens unless it’s family.

Maybe they had a deal, or something.

Like what mss said.

That’s all I’ve got, really. I can’t really stand by that remark.

That’s not very romantic. What we did was have a lawyer stand off to the side and speed read all the fine print after our vows, like they do in car commercials.

Don’t tell me: His name was Buck, and he liked to fuck.
Thanks to Kill Bill. :smiley:

Hell some people think its not such a big deal to fuck a corpse.

Seriously, is it that hard for some people to find sex? I’m no prize but even at my worst, lowest period of living i could get laid.