WiFi calling on Android

I have a Motorola Droid, and my girlfriend has the Droid Eris. Verizon’s signal quality is pretty awful in my house, but great everywhere else I go. I am hoping there is a solution in the form of my home’s wireless network.
Is there an easy way to get my phone to use my internet connection through my wireless router to make regular phone calls? I do not have Google Voice. I am willing to download apps that are not on the Android market. Free solutions are preferred, but I will consider pay solutions. It’s ok with me if the method is a little clunky- I really only care in situations where I am calling a company and waiting in a queue for tech support or other customer assistance.

Seems you can use Vonage, they have an app and all that, that will cost money though. I have seen reference to Skype Light for Android but I don’t know how well that would work since they can’t use your connection on the phone to pipe other calls through, maybe it only works with WiFi. Probably charge for the Skype one too if it’s not 100% tied to WiFi, don’t quote me on it.

I Believe you can use VOIP Apps like FRING to make calls over Wifi or 3G


You can then Make or receive using your Skype ID or other SIP service.

I Regularly use the Fring Client on my iPhone and Nokia N96 and it works very well for making Skype or Skypeout calls over both Wifi (For best results) and 3G 9Which works Surprising well)

The advantage is that I can just use my regular Skype account as well as be connected to all my Chat networks (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, GTalik, ICQ, Etc).