WiFi for Palm V

I found a Palm V on ebay yesterday for $20, and since I’ve been wanting a PDA for awhile, decided it was too good a deal to pass up. Now, to be truly connected, I’m really wanting a WiFi adapter, but a google search isn’t really useful (Unless I want bluetooth, which, I don’t, really). Are there any known 802.11b adapters for Palm V made? Ever? I’m sure if I knew the name I could find it on ebay, or find some other second-hand retailer that would sell them if they were discontinued.

I am not aware of any add-on for WiFi on the Palm V series.

SanDisk has long promised a WiFi SD card for the Palm OS, but while the hardware is ready, the drivers haven’t been developed yet. The Palm V does not have an SD slot either.

One possible solution to connect wirelessly using a Palm V is via Infrared or a Data Cable to a cellular phone that has either GPRS Data or a Data Line activated. This could be expensive depending on the plans available in your local area. It costs me US$10 per month for unlimited GPRS data connectivity using this method.

I just found a site saying Xircom made a wi-fi adapter for awhile, but has since discontinued it. ebay shows no results for it. Anyone know any other used computer parts dealers?

Add-on WiFi options for Palm OS devices include:

Xircom Wireless LAN Module for Palm Handhelds (PWE1130)
[Palm m500 series only]



WLN1103 - Enfora Wireless Portfolio WP802b
[m100 series, m500 series, Zire 71, and all Tungsten models except the Tungsten-E]


Note that these WiFi add-ons are significantly more expensive than the PDA itself (~US$280 and US$160 respectively)

I had a Palm V for a few years. IIRC there were some modems for it that you could get limited email with and you could upload and read, and answer your email, then send it back once resynced with the PC, but there was never any real net browsing option for it other than some [fairly limited text based browsers](Internet web browsing using your Palm ). It really didn’t have the horsepower or screen that would make a graphical interface style browser a workable option.