Wiggling with nostalgic joy

That was my office, then I realized I do all my work in the kitchen…I may pitch the desk and turn it into the arcade. :WeNeedADevilSmiley:

Watching the video, the boot-up noise totally didn’t make me squee. No one saw it, nothing can be proven!

…And Brookfield isn’t -that- long of a drive. Hm…

Damn, I didn’t even realize I still remembered that sound until I heard it and my face absolutely lit up. Awesome!

I hope you realize that I’m seriously considering moving to Illinois, now. I’ve seen a couple of arcade games in various places around here, usually it’s a Ms Pacman and Galaga combo machine plus a crane machine plus one more game. They cost two quarters per game. I THINK that one game might charge a single quarter to continue the game. Still, I’d be spending time in the Galloping Ghost most nights. Most days, even.

I’ve been thinking we hold to convention too much. A netbook running Mame wouldn’t REQUIRE the physical dimensions of an arcade cabinet. I’m wondering what the absolute minimum would be required to provide a stand that was stable, a control surface, and display?