Wii fit is weird

Does anyone else have one? I got one to try to motivate me a little better to lose these pesky few pounds I wanna lose before we go back to WDW in March. According to the thing, my balance is perfect if I lean forward way too much to be good for my back. Being the total nerd that I am, I tried the Body Test several times in different shoes (the original test having been done in my bare feet) and found that according to my Wii fit, my balance/posture is perfect when I wear my 4.5" BCBG peep toe heels. WTF?

Love the Wii Fit! I always use mine with bare feet, but I’ve noticed the same thing – when I feel I’m standing straight, it shows my center of gravity as further back than I would expect. I just stand slightly forward on it.

As to the shoes … looks like a certain game system which shall remain unnamed has an intriguingly unexpected little fetish. Mrowrr!