Wii Fit users - what's your daily calorie goal?

Mine’s 93 and has been for about a year; it doesn’t sound much, so I’m considering increasing it. However, since I like doing some of the yoga and muscle exercises as well as aerobic, that already takes about half an hour.

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Mine’s more of a time goal. I aim for a 10 to 15 minute session by the Wii’s timer. Some days I succeed.

My goal is 30 minutes by the timer, or 200 calories. But the latter is much more difficult.

What are your preferred activities? I like jogging and Island Biking. Hula Hoop is really hard for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed that many calories!

I love the hula-hooping - I’m sure it’s the reason I’m now good at it in real life too. There are a few yoga poses I think do help counteract sitting at the computer all day, like the palm tree. Jogging’s about the only one I don’t really do, because I do a fair bit of real jogging when walking the dogs.

Palm tree, and the other leg-balance poses, is a pain for me. At least palm tree uses both feet – I absolutely cannot do one-leg balance poses or one-leg strength training without support.

For aerobics, I usually mix it up between hula hoop, step, and boxing.

Step is good but it doesn’t seem to be a huge calorie burner.

Boxing’s fun and a good calorie burner, but I just can’t figure out how to do the weave. I’ve looked up tips online and it still only works about 1 time out of 20.

I have to wonder how accurate the calorie burn numbers are. Obstacle Course doesn’t rack up the numbers, but I sure work up a sweat doing that!