Wii games for the over-sixty crowd

She likes Snood, Bejeweled Blitz, and Spider Solitaire on her PC. He hasn’t played a game in years, but liked Tetris once upon a time. I’m not sure why they have a Wii, but they do, and they’d like some games. I’ve never even owned a console. Any ideas for them?

I think you need to find out why they got the Wii. If they liked the bowling or tennis on someone elses, then they might enjoy some of the minigame collections that focus on using the wii remote’s motion ability. I know there are some pure puzzle game collections availabe, but I am not sure what they are. If they have it connected to the internet, they may also want to check out what is on WiiWare or the Virtual Console. I am sure there are some puzzle games on there.

They bought it with some platform you stand on. Wii Fit? They use that. They’ve never actually played the games that came with it. Just the Fit thing. I’ll check out puzzle games. I’ll try hooking up the Wii to their internet connection too, which they haven’t done.

My spouse and I bought WII for the billiards and we have played almost daily for almost two years.

Bowling, golf and billiards are the only games we know of where the speed of the game is not determined by the CPU. (I seem to recall that the player can stall the tennis game between serves but once on serves the CPU takes over the speed of the play.)

Out there somewhere is a WII discussion group that had a short thread on billiards. It has had no activity in a year or two.

There was a company called Hudson who made a billiard disk (or perhaps downloadable) which got the best reviews for graphics but we could never figure out how to get it.

Oh, BTW, we don’t use the $19 prosthetic cue stick that can be bought separately, we just play nine ball with the wand that came with the initial package.

Yep. Talk to them. They may have an interest in some other games. Hell, rent a few and bring them over their house and have them try a few out. Broaden their horizons some, or at least have them know that they don’t want a certain genre of games.

Is there a Wii game where you write a check for $6 and send it to a grandchild on their birthday?

I’ve seen Monopoly and some other board games adapted for the Wii. Not sure how they play but that might be worth looking into…

You’ll need to hook up the internet to get the WiiWare games. I’d recommend Rubik’s Rush and **Neves **(tangrams) as a couple of non-twitch puzzle games.

I’m trying to understand what you mean by this. Do you mean the pacing of play (Wherein the game is essentially ‘paused’ between player actions)? That should mean that any number of turn based games fit the bill, and also that you can, essentially, cause this to happen in any game by pausing the game?

Or did you mean that gameplay just happens too fast in other other titles? Or something else? I’m a little bit of a videogame design-theory hobbyist, so I’m really curious as to which design choice you are depending on for your enjoyment.

My elderly aunt who lives at a retirement home is very proud of the 300 she bowled on the Wii.

They may like Boom Blox.
It’s completely simple to play. Two player or one player various games where you knock down towers of stacked blocks by throwing balls at them.
Games vary by seeing if you can knock down the entire tower with a limited amount of balls, or blocks have various points labeled on them and you take turns seeing who can knock down and collect the most points, or even jenga like games where you take turns removing blocks before the tower falls.

Boom Blox is excellent! I don’t even like most Wii games and I think it’s a lot of fun.

I put the demo for World of Goo on their Wii. We’ll see if they touch it. They borrowed some games from a friend the other day, but I’m not sure what.