Wii games someone really needs to make

The Wii Highland Games

Comes with a Wii caber and a Wii stone for the throwing events. Best played while imbibing a Wii bit of ale.

Anyone have any others?

Wii curling - now with brushing action!

Bruce Lee: Nunchuk Master using the nunchuk controller.

Ashes 2009 for the North American market. Words cannot describe how badly I want this game. Maybe if I write to Codemasters really nicely…hey, it actually worked before, once.

Wii Broom & Groom: use the supplied vacuum cleaner, broom and washcloth controllers to clean a virtual house. Polish the furniture. Sweep the floors. Knock the cobwebs out of the corners. Bonus points for the proper use of the crevice tool! Special ‘bechelor’ mode for extra challenge.

No doubt the ale is of the style frequently referred to as a “Wii Heavy”.

I bought this when I was in the UK over the summer. I was so pumped, only to break down in tears when I discovered it does not work on my US system.

I should think so. I started this thread because this idea came up at a family event a couple weeks back and I’ve been giggling over the idea of a “Wii caber” ever since. Between the Wii/wee ambiguity and the idea of some great 10’ long plastic pole you can stick a Wii controller into…

Michelle Wie golf.

I would love to play with my Wie Wii.

You mean the Wii has region locks like DVDs? What a disappointment.

The jokes practically write themselves.

Wii hand-cranked pencil sharpening competition.

Wii pizza-dough-tossing

Wii Rembrandt Hero in which you must recreate the brush strokes of Rembrandt and recreate his paintings.

Is there any non-handheld videogame system that doesn’t have it ?

Apparently the PS3 doesn’t, although I have no idea how that works.

If there was a Candlepin Bowling game for the Wii, I would run out and buy a system immediately.