Wii Rock Band Guitar question

I am looking to get a second Guitar for my kids (ok, for me as well) to play rock band on the Wii. The Rock Band Compatibility chart makes it appear that numerous guitars will work on the Wii.

My question is: will a guitar made for Rock Band on the PS3 or another platform work on the Wii?

Someone with more Wii knowledge may check in, but I suspect the answer is “no”.

Generally speaking, controllers for one game system tend to not be compatible with other systems.

I’ve seen several Wii GH guitars, and none of them have an integral Wii controller; you plug an existing Wii controller into a slot in the guitar (though it’s possible that some Wii RB or GH guitars don’t need you to do this). For that reason, if none other, I wouldn’t expect PS3 guitars to work on a Wii.

Definitely no.