Wikileaks releases searchable archive for Clinton emails

"…chief strategist Mark Penn wrote in a November 2010 email to the Mrs. Clinton. “No State department can operate if it can’t keep its own classified cables and internal orders confidential - I think this is unprecedented in history. And if this is [what] wikileaks can get, what can the Chinese or [others]… secure?”

Wikileaks releases emails that were already released and that proves her server was unsecured?

ETA: And if they stole classified emails from the State Dept. then it didn’t really matter if she used her own server or State’s.

Her server was connected to the Internet AFAIK. So in that respect - yes, it was “unsecured.” But this is really about her emails being searchable by key words. But maybe that’s not new.

Washington Times? That’s your first mistake right there. I’d go on, but I’m not clicking that link.

I see — here’s Julian’s website >

Ah, yes, I actually predicted this move months ago. AFAIK the emails were already available since they were already released as a result of the investigations. What I point here is that this is deja-vu all over again.

What I bet to myself was that we will get lots of “damning” emails that many times the right wing will quote out of context or to make the message sound as the opposite of what Clinton or others typed.

The right wing already had a lot of practice by lying and misrepresenting and quote mining thousands of emails from the climate scientists in “climate gate”. And I do remember already seeing a few examples from the Clinton e-mails that I quickly found that were easy to debunk.