Wikipedia Users: what wiki pages do you have open right now? And how did you get there?

I’ve got the article on “Cisapline Gaul,” the end result of a search on “intersection persons.”

I didn’t have an active wiki page when I read the OP but I had recently been to to find the name of its capital which was a clue in a puzzle I was working.

In general, not that you asked, I get to Wikipedia by way of hits from Yahoo! searches. I scan the hits to see if the keyword I’m looking for is in the text of the hits themselves, and if not, go to wiki as a best first stab.

I only have a few, and I don’t recall the sequence of choosing them:ōğrul
Most are rather sad, except for Nagy,

Serve the little bugger right.

I suppose I was looking up capital punishment around the world ( as a contest, China wins by numbers, followed by Iraq and Iran; but loses by offenses which deathworthy are only 55 ( until 1997, annoyingly not now, including murdering pandas ) compared to the USA’s all-time record, thanks to Mr. Biden’s sterling effort in the Violent Crime link, which led to 60 more death penalty offenses added to the list. )
The loss of the Ertuğrul is rather haunting. Although I looked up what they would be doing in the Cretan Revolution, and the results were not encouraging. Still. Sad affair.

Gu’s and Wugs represent the cutting edge of Science in pre-communist China; which explains why not all of us automatically worship scientists, nor consider an appeal to current belief an outstanding argument. Once this was the very latest thing.