Wild Hog Hunting

Well, I am slated to go wild hog hunting next weekend. Anyone have any stories or tips? We are really needing to thin out the population, as they are getting to be dangerous. We have several that are over a thousand pounds and they are getting agressive.

From right about this time last year.

1000 lbs? Will you be cleaning them too or just game management? I hear that when they’re smaller/ younger that they’re very tasty. Gotta try that sometime.

Don’t shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes?

Also, don’t try picking up a 1,000 lb. pig by yourself. Even if it’s dead.

Do it from a helicopter. Warning – Mildly NSFW banner image.

Ever seen a boar spear? Those things are huge. Long, thick handles, big ass blades, and a cross piece on the handle, allegedly to keep an impaled boar from charging up the spear to get to the hunter.

Wild hogs apparently take a heap of killing. Be careful, and shoot straight. And maybe save me a rib or a sammich…:smiley:

I’d be kind of scared, if I were you. Pack heavy-duty kill-'em-dead ammo, just in case? Or just go with one of those boar spears, if you really want to be bad ass.

In rural New Zealand pig hunting remains hugely popular. My partners family are hugely into it and go about once a fortnight. The pigs are feral and quite a bit smaller than farmed hogs. It’s pretty hardcore though as the traditional method is to have a pack of trained dogs locate and ‘bail-up’ the pig and then dispatch it with a knife, although rifles are increasingly popular for this.

Here’s a nice little summary of the sport in NZ: Pig hunting in New Zealand and here’s a few photos of the dogs at work.

Not really into it myself, but will happily eat the proceeds (some people find it a bit tough and gamey though).

We are going mainly for game. I am hoping to get a female about 200 - 300 pounds. Just in time for thanksgiving. We are going to be in the back of my truck most of the time to avoid any really mean ones. We are going with a few thirty thirties.

However much stuffing you have at home, you’re going to need more.

Hunting from a vehicle is illegal in most states. But I’m not sure how far you will be away from roads and such and how that may work.

I’m not a hunter, but do enjoy studying ballistics. And I have a 30-30 that I enjoy shooting. The carbine does make a good brush gun, but may be a bit under powered depending on what you come up against.

Oddly, I have a 336 Marlin in .356 that my father bought me for wild boar (not hog) hunting. Probably more suited to something the size you are thinking about. Or more importantly, might run into.

Again, I am not a hunter, but would suggest to make sure your shot counts. As it always should. But, IMHO, a 30-30 may be a tad underpowered.
Any revolvers in the group? A .357 or two may not be a bad idea.

Bah. That’s not hog hunting. That’s shooting pests. Monteria-style, that’s hog hunting :wink:
Also, though it’s not out of the realm of possibility for a hog to weigh half a ton, 600-700 for a Russian or hybrid feral would be a monstrous animal. Most caught in typical hunts are around 200-350.
Mmm… boar sausage…

I’m sorry, I blinked my eyes and I thought I read ‘Wild Dog Hunting’ and I was thinking, “Dogs go up to 1000 pounds?! Did a doper just suggest eating them!?”

Then I re-read the title.

sinks away

I didn’t realise until recently that pigs (or wild boars) were not native to the “new world” and came from Europe.

Shit be dangerous. My crazy country uncle lives for it - he has these bizarre trophies in his trailer living room, next to all the deer heads he hangs his gimmee caps from. They’re plywood plaques painted silver with the bottom jaw of some pig stuck on 'em. Anyway, even Uncle Raymond says you better watch yourself.

You ought to try baking a fresh Ham in a Root Beer, Sasparilla, and Bitters candy crust. Mix a suitable amount of brownsugar to make a stiff paste with a cooled sompound consisting of chopped, old fashioned, string licorice, melted under low heat with the liquid sody pops and bitters, stud the Ham with cloves, candy coat.

Yea, best bet is hauling in a table, a saw, some good knives, a meat grinder, potable water, salt, pepper, saltpeter, several garlands of fesh Garlic, a sausage funnel and some storsge tubs, bucets, and/or some Glad or garbage bags. Just do some old fashioned fresh buchering on the spot. Haul it straight to the fridge or frezer piecemeal over a few hours…

That sounds wicked awesome. Serve it up with some cheese grits?

Had never really heard of wild boar until I was living in Berlin back in the late 70’s and into the 80’s and went to East Berlin - there was a shop over there that sold wild boar off the grill. I had never, in my entire life, tasted any pork that was that good! I still rarely eat pork, but if I ever had the chance to eat wild boar again, I wouldn’t care what it costs…it was really that good!

Happy hunting!
(And that says a lot from someone who just posted they want all hand guns banned, but I have no quibble with hunters with rifles shooting game that will be eaten and not just shot for fun…)

Don’t shoot any hippopotamus by mistake.

Just as a general FYI, there is a difference between a wild boar and a feral (domestic) pig.