Wildflower ID resources, or ID this common purple wildflower plz? (pic)

This is blooming everywhere in DFW right now and I’m curious what it’s called.
I’m looking for a plant name, yes, but a better Q might be: what’s a good resource to look these up? I need a “reverse” guide… I can see what something looks like if I know its name by checking a reference guide, but am a bit stumped at finding the opposite.

So… what’s this pretty lil’ thang called?

Looks like it’s henbit:slight_smile: Pretty!

Edit: This is the websiteI used to find it.

I didn’t click on your link but I can say this is going to be an extinct wildflower once the great destroyer of earth Trump does away EPA and put up pipe lines across the whole country ! So enjoy while it last !

Purplehearingaid I’m not sure why you thought this was an appropriate reply. Do not drop political comments into unrelated threads.

Yes, it’s henbit, somewhat attractive but weedy scourge of many a garden.

It will undoubtedly survive anything (environmental, political, nuclear) that could possibly be thrown at it.

However, properly applied pre-emergent weed killer can knock it out in a couple of years.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has the skinny on henbit.

(Elsewhere at the site, we learn that wildflower season is starting early in Texas, due to the warm winter & plentiful rain. But most Texans already noticed.)

It’s reddit, but the posters at What’s This Plant can identify almost everything.