Wilhelm Ezekiel Reich?

I was watching a film where a crime boss gives a briefcase to a henchman. The henchman asks what’s in the briefcase and the boss tells him sarcastically, ‘The collected works of Wilhelm Ezekiel Reich!’

I know Wilhelm Reich was a real person who promoted something called ‘orgone therapy’. But a google search did not find anyone named Wilhelm Ezekiel Reich. Was there a real person named Wilhelm Ezekiel Reich? Or did the filmmaker get the name wrong?

Or it could just be a joke. Kind of like Jesus’ middle name isn’t really “Freakin’.”

The sarcasm in the crime boss’s statement may come from the fact that most, if not all, of Reich’s books were burned.

Um, I meant to put this link in there. :smack:


The link says that nearly all of his books have been reprinted.

Not being a Bible scholar, is there something about Ezekiel tha relates to burning?

Ezekiel had a vision of a wheel of fire in the sky.
Reich suggested that UFOs were powered by Orgone engines.

The penny drops! That was pretty clever.

I thought it began with “H”.

Okay, what’s up with Reich’s hair?

Orgone styling gel.