The Wilhelm Reich Archives

Wilhelm Reich was the crackpot who concocted the notion of Orgone Energy.

In his last will and testament, Reich stipulated that his unpublished writings:

This basically meant that very few people could get access to the information in the Reich Archives, and those few people were basically forbidden to tell anybody about the information they did retrieve from them.

Wilhelm Reich died on November 3, 1957. This means that November 3, 2007, was the date when the 50-year ban on public disclosure should have been lifted.
So … how come I can’t find Reich’s instructions for how to build an orgone motor online anywhere yet, huh?!

Because the FBI trashed his lab when they arrested him, & the notes likely do not exist.

The Master SPEAKS!!

The accounts usually given about Reich’s treatment by the Feds are usually … exaggerated … by folks who are out to turn the man into a martyr. (Said folks included Reich himself, which is why such exaggeration is so prevalent.)

The Federal courts did order a lot of Reich’s materials to be destroyed, but this destruction took place long before Reich was arrested. Furthermore, the destruction centered around items that Reich could have used to sell his services, such as orgone accumulator boxes, salable softcover works that describe how to build an orgone box, order forms, etc…

I started at one point to write a couple of articles about this affair, but never finished them. My unfinished articles are here:

The notes DO exist – the Feds weren’t out to destroy any of his originals, just the salable copies – and they’ve been preserved by the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund in conjunction with the Wilhelm Reich Museum. Supposedly, they’re now part of the rare books collection at one of Harvard’s medical libraries.