Will Bush fool Americans Twice???

I thought this was cool. Made me wonder. Bush/PNAC fooled the nation and took us to war with their lies and deceptions. Shame on them. But, if the country doesn’t wake up after all that has been revealed…the onus will be on the people. Fool me once…shame on you, Fool me twice…well, you know…


I really have to hand it to you guys – you won the first round with flying colors! It took a major tragedy to set you up, but, boy did you ever pull it off! Timing is everything, I suppose, and you PNAC folk were right on cue. You jumped in at the right moment and rang all the alarm bells. There was no time to lose, you told us. We were in terrible danger, you told us. We were on the verge of being nuked, anthraxed, and smallpoxed, you told us. We were in imminent danger, you told us. You were good. You were damn convincing. And a lot of very nervous people all over the country really believed that we had to go to war!
Hey, it worked. You were fooling a helluva lot of people. It made sense to keep at it, and you did. …


And Kerry’s his fool?

Tomorrow I am taking my skinny butt to the Michigan caucus!!!

How about it Michigan Dems?

So, gemstone, not really a debate, more a rant linked to further ranting, eh?

Also, you may find the mods will take exception to your quoting from the site without attribution. Unless the quoted writing is yours, of course.

A sensible person would assume that the link provided by gemstone was, in fact, attribution. A sensible person could even click on the link and verify that it was, in fact, a link to the full text from which gemstone’s quote came. :rolleyes:

Well, that’s me slapped down then…

Anyway, you’re right, I shouldn’t have replied at all, being as I wasn’t one of those fooled the first time. Carry on.