Will Canada introduce Sharia law?

This is a question that the Ontario Government is dealing with right now. To allow Canadian Muslims to use Sharia law to settle civil disputes. In Canada we have something that is called the “arbitration act” which allows religious groups to settle civil disputes using their own courts. I must stress that this is civil disputes Canada is not introducing Sharia criminal law. What are your thoughts? Here are some arguments:




**The leader of the Ontario Government review **(The deciding lawyer and former feminist activist)

Head of Beth Din court

Will Canada introduce Sharia law?

I see nothing wrong with it as long as it’s voluntary. It’s no worse than binding arbitration.

As for the “con” quote that was presented – if the person doesn’t like Sharia courts, then she doesn’t have to utilize them. Let her go (or be taken to) civil court…

Zev Steinhardt

This allows binding arbitration that must be entered into voluntarily by the respective parties. It does not supercede provincial or federal law let alone the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The only concern I can see is the use of such a tool to intimidate newly arrived immigrants. They may not understand or appreciate their rights under the Charter the arbitration must work within.

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