Will "Consellation" Satellite Communications Ever Be REvived?

Back in the mid-1990’s, the talk was of having telephone/internet communications go by satellite. MOTOROLA had their “IRIDIUM” system, with 68 satellites passing the traffic between them. IRIDIUM died a costly dearth…Motorola lost round $2 billion on the project. Bill Gates and Boeing took a stab at it too…the cancelled “TELEDESIC” project would have been Internet based, uplink to satellite access. It was cancelled because land-line based rates got so cheap.
So, is this thing totally dead? Or, are there some advantages in constellation satellite systems?

It’s not totally dead: http://www.iridium.com/

I don’t think it’ll ever be a money-maker, my guess is that “Iridium Satellite LLC” has some major backing from the US government. The big problem with satellite phones is that the vast majority of people don’t need a satellite phone to stay in contact. Regular cellular or land-line phones serve 98% of the need out there and they’re much cheaper. I’m not sure if they’ve gotten over the major limitations either, as I recall, one major sticking point was that the signal can’t penetrate buildings…you had to be outside to use the phone.

I’m sure they’re great for adventurers on Everest or racers in the Paris-Dakar or people on oil rigs in the North Sea and its nice that they can still get the service.