Will fist fights in Congress happen soon?

Has the hatred between Democrats and Republicans reached this point yet? Right now I’m so disgusted with both parties. The refusal to solve this budget crises yet again is beyond stupid. It’s time to clean out the knuckleheads in Congress (both parties) next election. If everyone’s taxes sky rocket then will happen for sure.

Don’t laugh. This scene could easily be in our own Congress. The tensions over this fiscal cliff are just about to boil over.

This link is safe for work except for a few blurred out topless female protesters at the bottom. You can safely press page dn four times without reaching any NSFW pics.

It’s happened before.

Pity Barney Frank has retired, I’d pay good money to see Louis Goober (R-Batshit) get his ass kicked into next week by a fat, old, gay guy.

No. Hell, it’s been years since they interrupted the president.

I’m worried this is going to lead to another ‘it’s both sides’ fault!’ thing. Because I find that disgusting in a lot of ways.

I’m not sure I would call it a budget crisis, but it’s definitely stupid, and even worse, it’s completely phony and motivated by political considerations rather than economic ones. That said, I expect it’ll get resolved.

There was a lot of that in 2010. Would you say that made Congress smarter or dumber? Because I’d say it made Congress much, much dumber, and I am not sure that throwing them out would bring the results you think it’ll bring.

I’m not sure what it will take to restore reasonable compromise in Congress. It seems like any effort to reach out to the other side gets met with scorn by their own party. Heck, Boehner got jumped by his own party for even suggesting the tiniest compromise last week.

I can’t see it getting better until the voters make it clear that unyielding partisanship stops. How that happens is beyond me.

Somehow a compromise has to be found. Governing by just letting things happen isn’t acceptable. Jumping off a fiscal cliff will hurt everybody.

checks first to make sure this isn’t the GQ forum

I wish! That’d be fun to see!

People shouldn’t argue about important things!!

The “hatred” of which you speak exists largely on the internet. You aren’t going to see brawls on the floor in Washington. You may see more sharp rhetoric than usual, but things are unlikely to escalate beyond that.

I’d watch out if John McCain starts carrying a cane into the well of the Senate.

That also happened in mid-2011, which is why all of this stuff is going on. But again, I’m hard-pressed to see this as a both sides problem. On the whole, it isn’t.

Not to say there were no partisans in the past because there obviously always have been. But a lot of voters elected unyielding partisans in 2010. It was obviously a winning strategy. And of course some Democrats, not totally unreasonably, concluded that they needed to elect some partisans for their side if they didn’t want everything they support to be completely demolished. It’s hard to get from that to “we need compromise!” Particularly when one side has traditionally wanted its representatives to compromise and the other hasn’t.

Fist-fights are for state-legislature candyasses. All members of the United States Congress should be issued a selection of ninja weapons.

They will go straight to 2nd amendment solutions!

But if that happens it’ll be over in a day and that’s no fun. In keeping with the maturity and dignity we’ve come to expect from Congress, I say that they should be issued Nerf guns.

That’s one way to get people to watch CSPAN.

Michelle Bachman and Nancy Pelosi, Steel Cage Death Match… Admit it, you’d watch! Hell, you’d pay!

I say they should start having literal pissing contests. That’ll teach those lady legislators to enter a man’s world!

Nah. Bachman can’t sell, and Pelosi has a lousy workrate. Neither one is willing to get color or put the other over.

How would C-Span pedal a show in which the legislators fight physically?

Thunder(under the) Dome! Two Senators enter, one Senator leaves!

Maybe McConnell will punch himself in the nose.

Why not, he’s shot himself in the foot.