Will I be able to upgrade my Windows Mobile 5 device to WM6?

I can’t seem to find anything that answers this question on microsoft’s own web site about WM6 but then I have never found their way of presenting information particularly intuitive.
I was wondering if anyone here might possibly know the answer to this question… Anyone who might have gone to the necesary lengths to find out.

I paid a lot for my WM5 device and I’d be very disappointed if it can’t be upgraded to newer versions… Afterall: Sufficiently capable PCs can and do have their OSs upgraded. My device is at present one of the highest-spec PDA/smartphones around.

And if it isn’t (it’s an xda exec) then I’d love for you to show me what is so that I can set my sights on it.

I have a T-Mobile dash and I called customer service about the possiblity of upgrading WM 5.0 to WM 6.0 and they didn’t know if they were going to support it yet or not. Apparently, it hasn’t been tested with it but they said that it would definately be possible. The T-Mobile MDA and T-Mobile SDA all orginially had WM 4.0 and had the upgrade that you could put on it.

But then again, all of these devices are made by HTC and maybe they were designed that way. Maybe you should call your service provider and talk to their PDA department (usually they are the 3rd tier support folks.)

The Dash will be getting a free upgrade to WM6 when it gets done. My SO is a beta tester for MicroSlave and got his hands on the beta version of the TMo specific WM6 and says that it has some definite advantages (the radio/codec for the phone is stellar and there is improved networking support) and also some downsides (in its current incarnation it’s a total memory pig.) He tried the beta version on his phone for a day or so and his initial impression is that he just wants to strip a few of the modules out but pass on the whole shebang. The memory thing just affronts him on a quantum level, I expect.

The MDA and SDA will be able to upgrade, but it won’t be a free throw in the way it is for the Dash.