Will I like The Village?

Since we have a one year old, our movie-going opportunities are limited. We’re thinking about going to see The Village, but I see it got mixed reviews at best. I was wondering if folks who have seen it could offer me some advice. But no spoilers please!

I really liked The Sixth Sense, and really liked *Unbreakable * (except for the very end). I hated *Signs * - it seemed boring and silly, plus the whole upshot of the movie fell flat for this hard-headed atheist.

The trailer for *The Village * really intrigued me - very creepy and atmospheric! Generally that’s the kind of scary stuff I like. Some of my favorite scary movies are The Others, Session 9, The Ring, The Silence of the Lambs, stuff like that. I don’t mind gore, but if I’m going to watch something that’s just silly gore, along the lines of Freddy vs. Jason, I watch it on cable, not in the theater.

So, do you think it’s worth spending my night out on this? I appreciate your help!

I’d say go ahead and rent it later - save your night out for something else. I didn’t much care for it and I didn’t hear one positive comment on my way out of the theater, either. I can see why people might like it, but there were parts that seemed disjointed and just didn’t work out.

Although I’d say it’s the weakest script of Shyamalan’s movies, I still recommend it as a viewing experience – although I don’t think it’ll stand up to repeated viewing as well as, say, The Sixth Sense. The movie is well-acted, especially by Bryce Howard (Ron Howard’s daughter). The acting has been described as flat, but I’d say it’s understated. The first half is the better one, and really sets a mood and sense of place. There are some things revealed towards the end that probably won’t be huge surprises; possibly the movie would have been better if they’d been revealed early on.

There are some huge logical holes in the movie. It brings up some really intriguing themes, but then doesn’t get into them too deeply because too much energy is spent setting up the “surprise” ending. I really think Shyamalan should have forgotten about doing this story as a “suspense” picture, and just done it as a serious drama developing the main ideas. There are definitely some beautifully-done scenes, and you’ll likely find much to talk about afterwards.

Hope this helps.

I loved The Sixth Sense, and moderately liked Unbreakable. Didn’t care for Signs at all.

The Village far supercedes the latter two, and comes close to the brilliance and solidness of Sixth Sense.

I liked The Village and I knew all the spoilers going in to it.

The Village is a very deliberatly paced film like 6th Sense and Unbreakable. Again he uses his color palet very well. For me the big difference is that he has more ‘stars’ in this than usual for him. But really Hurt and Weaver have smaller roles. On of the things that, for me, made the 6th Sense is that I had never seen HJ Osmet before and that made it feel more real. Again in the Village the main role is by an unknown and she is smashing in her role.

If you consider yourself to be an amatuer internet movie critic, don’t go. You will have to hate it to keep your credentials.

I thought it was tastefully shot and well acted. The mood is well set. Baldwin’s comment about understated acting seems right on. I find all of Shyamalan’s movies to be that way. It’s not a bad thing, just a style. I would put Bryce Howard’s performance in the breakout category. It’s not a horror movie any more than Sixth Sense is, but there are things to creep you out. If these sound like things you like in a movie, go see it.

Thanks everyone!

I might well go see it. I like movies that inspire discussion, even if they are flawed. And knowing the nature of the flaws will allow me to go in without too-high expectations.

Probably if our friends are interested in it, we will go see it. If they aren’t, we will probably Netflix it.

Thanks again.

Not that the OP has been answered…

Yes, Number Six, we will make sure you like The Village.

It is not. NOT a scary movie.

It’s thought provoking to an extent, and absolutely gorgeous (I heart Roger Deakins).

I think it sucked, personally. Turtles mate faster than the plot flows.

The trailers are misleading so don’t base your desire to see the movie on them, you’ll be disappointed.