Will I owe any customs fees?

I ordered a refurbished business laptop a couple days ago, and got a great deal on it. I paid about $215. What I didn’t realize when I made the order, was that it is coming from Canada. I live in Maine, not sure if that makes a difference. Will I have to pay customs on it when it gets here? If so, how much?

There is a daily exemption of $100 for packages received from a foreign country.

Above that, the USPS collect duty. There is a $6 customs clearance and duty fee plus the applicable duty. IIRC the duty is payable only on the amount above your daily limit.

How much duty , if any, is owed can be estimated here:


In part it depends on country of manufacture. I plugged in the data you gave with country of manufacture as Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea. It spit out $2 as the duty owed each time.

They might decide it is not enough to bother with and you’ll save $8.

This came in yesterday and I didn’t owe any customs on it. It didn’t even have a customs slip on the package.