Will Kyle Rittenhouse Speak at the 2024 GOP National Convention?

Assuming he isn’t in prison (which looks less and less likely now), I think the answer is, “No doubt about it.”

They certainly love him on Fox News. I was switching channels yesterday and apparently trying him for murder is a travesty.

Who knows, maybe he’ll actually run for office. And win.

That’s my prediction. And McCloskey will run for Senate in 2023, and win. These people are all nuts.

It is a certainty that he will speak at the RNC in 2024. And no way he will be in prison. He will either be acquitted or if found guilty the judge will at that point declare a mistrial with prejudice or whatever the term is so the state cannot prosecute him again.

Thank goodness he’s too young to actually be on the ticket.

Too bad that all the Republicans running the elections will never actually apply that rule, though.

No, no. Position in the trump Cabinet!

‘Designated Domestic Terrorist’?

He’ll probably speak at the National Convention even if in jail. A video appearance from one of the martyrs and political prisoners of their cause.

He’ll take Pierre La Pew’s job at the NRA.

The thing that makes this equivocal, to me, is that – far left, politically, or not – the people Rittenhouse shot were all Caucasian, no ?

Otherwise … no-brainer.

“Will Kyle Rittenhouse Speak at the 2024 GOP National Convention?”

Do they allow weapons inside? If not, he may not feel brave enough to show.

The “Right” won’t have to wait until 2024 to hear him speak at one of their conventions. He’ll be a featured speaker at CPAC.

I’m sure Mom will be close by.

You may have known this, but Mark McCloskey is in fact running for the open Missouri Senate seat up in 2022.

Yeah, I did know that.

If nothing else, Rittenhouse can intern for Matt Gaetz. It will be sleezy Butthead mentoring murderous Butthead. A match made in hell.

But he can take his gun to work

You talking about Gaetz or Rittenhouse? :wink:

This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun.