Will Kyle Rittenhouse Speak at the 2024 GOP National Convention?

It’s not like it’s the first time Gaetz has offered a 17-year-old a position on his staff.

Yeah, he’s prone to do that.

BREAKING: Annnnnnd the jury finds Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges.

So yes, undoubtedly he will be a star at the convention. Probably will accept that job with Gaetz as well.

Wonder if he will be asked to provide “security” to protect them from any protestors.

You know how apparently it has become a thing that some rather repulsive Republican politicians will occasionally not get service, or even yelled at in public?

Now they know that they are allowed to shoot those who show such disrespect.

Greg, Travis McMichael and William Bryan next?

One hundred percent.

He will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson in a few days.

Has Mr. Rittenhouse actually spoken about his political opinions? He said that he went to Kenosha to help protect private businesses from looters and rioters. Surely everyone, right or left, thinks that businesses should be protected from rioters and looters.

So, if young Kyle has not revealed his political opinions, why do people assume that he is politically conservative or would appeal to the FoxNews crowd? What could it possibly be?

He doesn’t seem smart enough to have any.

I wonder about his ability to monetize his fame, Does he get appearance money for going on Tucker Carlson? Does he have an agent?

The post that I made which is literally the one above yours. He has agreed to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson. There was also the YouTube video that he made before Kenosha where he said that he wished that he could shoot the rioters. Also he went to a bar and hung out with Proud Boys before the trial.

As noted in another thread, already, three GQPish Congresscritters (Gaetz, Gosar, and Cawthorn) want to hire him as their intern. Da Kidd is in DEMAND!

It will be interesting to see what he does now. I assume he has been contacted by numerous agents who will make sure he doesn’t give away anything for free.

By law enforcement. Only one party wants to arm children to shoot and kill suspected rioters.

He will likely still be defending himself against civil lawsuits filed by the families of the people he shot.

Having his picture taken in public with Proud Boys-types is a bit of a giveaway.

Maybe, but he’ll never have to cough up a dime. His fans and funding sites will see to that.

He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson, and said that he believes in social justice and is a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Of course he could be saying that out of fear of retaliation, but that’s about all we know.

I’m not sure that it’s fear or retaliation so much as trying to protect himself legally. If he comes out and admits that he came to the protest looking to put a cap in some liberal ass, then it makes it harder to claim that his shooting of the protestors was purely a defensive action.

Rittical Race Theory.