Will Law & Order: SVU ever weary of humiliating its female characters?

Nothing happens with the dog. I think he just meant that she has a crappy owner.

There was a recent column in Entertainment Weekly in which the author was complaining about all the rapes and sexual assaults on TV lately. Her point was that it seems like whenever writers want to bring more excitement to a female character’s story, they have her raped:

I completely agree. It pains me that this is the one that kept going while its superior siblings, Criminal Intent and the original L&O (superior in acting, writing, everything) took the bullet. I guess Mariska Hargitay is their secret weapon but she’s always left me cold. As for the plots on the show, they get more ludicrous by the week. Even the writers are acknowledging it by constantly having the ADA admonish them on the cases they’re bringing and warning them not to bring such cases to him again. But of course they always do, and the more far-fetched and unrealistic the better. You have to wonder what laws they’re operating under because it’s certainly not NY law.

While I would have much preferred that if only one continued that it be the original L&O, I can’t really blame NBC. In 2009-2010 season, SVU was pulling an audience 20-25% bigger than the original. And Criminal Intent couldn’t attract enough people to justify pulling it back from USA as the primary network for it.



Although I did have a thing for Bobby Goren until he got strange near the end.

I’m female.

I felt bad for the dog because her life was going to have to be uprooted because Rollins was supposedly going to jail, so she was going to be foisted on someone.

I’ll take the dog!
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I have three cats and my dogs Buddy and Sweetie would love to have three on their team.