Will lifting the rear of a car silence the alarm

I did not want to hijack this thread about towing cars.

In a movie (Twins??), the character played by Dany Devito tells the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger that if the rear of a car is lifted to a certain angle, the alarm will shut down due to the assumption that the car is being towed.

In the movie, Arnold lift the car (by hand of course) and the alarm stops, any truth to this.

Not for any alarm system I’m familiar with. I’ve seen switches for openings (door, hood, etc.) and motion sensors, but never seen nor heard of a level sensor on a vehicle alarm system. I’d venture it’s all in some screenwriter’s imagination.

Last Saturday night a tow truck went past me with a car in tow, the car alarm blaring. So for at least one car in the real world, the answer is no.

An alarm like that wouldn’t work if the car was parked on a hill.

There’s some that are in fact the exact opposite-- they have special alarm modes that are specifically aimed at someone with a tow truck, so they’ll go off if the car is lifted past a certain angle.