Will McDonald's ever serve breakfast all day?

I saw a news article in September 2006 saying they were thinking about it, but it’s not happening. I’m never awake in the morning to get those egg mcmuffins. I wish they would just have breakfast all day and they would make a lot more profit.

As much as i’d like to tell you not to get to worried about eating crap food like McD’s, the egg mcmuffins were one of my favorites. I stopped eating a lot of fast food, but every so often I too wish I had an egg mcmuffin.

When that happens I go eat some fruit.

Probably not. It’s not just a matter of serving breakfast food at other times. Their whole set-up has to be changed in order to have all-day breakfast.

When they do their change-over to lunch (or at least it was this way 12 years ago when I worked there), they change the temps on the grills, change the temps on the fryers, change the equipment out completely (different toasters, different dress table), change the holding cabinets out (temp, timers)…the whole kitchen has to be transformed from breakfast to lunch. The only way to really have breakfast all day would be to have two kitchens, because when the lunch rush is going you just don’t have TIME to be switching things around for a one-off hotcakes order. I just can’t imagine that the demand for McMuffins at 3PM is going to be strong enough to offset the extra expense.

There’s no logistical reason why they can’t do it, the eggs and pancakes are cooked on a special grill which isn’t used after 10:30am… ditto, the muffin oven is simply turned off at the same time.

I was told several franchise McDonalds’ wanted to introduce all-day breakfasts, but were prevented from doing so because of potential customer confusion- “But Maccas in Jumbuck Crossing has all day brekkie, why don’t you???”

Personally, I think it’d be great- I love Bacon & Egg McMuffins!

There are probably some items that could be available all day and others that would be more trouble than they are worth.

Personally, though I’ve only had one once, I think the griddle whatsits are the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

I have to second the nomination for the McGriddle being fantasmical. I love them even though they are more calories than I should have in an entire day. Mmmmm…McGriddle.

This makes sense. I read all this as thoughts from higher up along the lines of ‘the kitchens were basically designed for burgers and chips (ffs fries, whatever), and they found a way to use them for a breakfast menu which still left time to get ready for lunch’. Would that seem about right?

Not really. You can bet that the breakfast menu is much more than an afterthought…they test-market and do as much research and development on their breakfast food as they do their main menu. But the restaurants have limited space, and they’re mass-producing food. They have to use the same kitchen for breakfast and lunch/dinner, and you can be assured that their changeover times are the result of market research (and is done pretty much exactly when their research shows that breakfast orders fall below the return-on-investment point and lunch/dinner orders rise above that point).

Regardless of their advertising, the general run of McDonald’s products are not cooked to order. They may be staged to order, but the components are already cooked and held in the cabinets way before anyone even thinks about telling the front clerk “A Big Mac value meal, please, with Coke”. A restaurant like Perkins may be able to make breakfast all day, but they make all their meals to order. They don’t start cooking until the waitress actually comes back with the meal ticket.

I too used to work at McDonald’s, and I can assure the doubters that changing from breakfast to lunch is no small affair. In addition to what jayjay said, the pressure of the clamshell grills has to be adjusted for beef patties instead of sausage, and grills that have been used to cook eggs and pork cannot be used for beef (and vice versa) without being thoroughly cleaned – by law, I believe. People getting indignant (or worse) because we couldn’t just cook up an egg for them after lunch had started was an everyday occurrence.

It’s just as well that I can’t get a breakfast burrito any time – I’d never eat anything else.

I work nights. I’m rarely ever awake before 10:30. Trying to get breakfast at any fast food joint is impossible. It always seems when I try to get there at breakfast time, I always miss out.

I love me a steak bagel. Probably best I can’t get one anytime.

Sonic seems to be able to do it without any problems, as does Jack in the Box I think.

I can’t speak for Jack-in-the-Box, but Sonic’s kitchen is a different beast from McDonald’s. McDonald’s uses clamshell grills that close over the foods, and are set to exact temperatures and timed, whereas at Sonic, you put the meat on the hot side of the grill, flip, move to cooler, and when someone orders a burger, you move it to the middle to make it hot again. And their eggs are also pre-cooked and come frozen, so it’s easy to throw one of those on the grill. Also, their breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches use the same bread, so you don’t have to worry about the extra toasters to move.

Other than the change-over in the kitchen, if you could train McDonald’s customers to have to wait longer for food to be cooked-to-order for breakfast after 10:30, it would work, but I don’t think there’d be enough demand for breakfast for them to pre-cook and then keep ingredients hot, especially since once they get cooked, they’re only good for so long. Sonic can afford to do that, since the customers are stuck at the order box anyway, and are used to waiting for food to get cooked.

I was back in Hong Kong recently. You’ll be pleased to know they do mcmuffins all day.

But they do like their pork over there.

Sure they will. You just have to be in the right time zone.

The sun never sets on McDonald’s.

Man, there are three McDonalds where I live. They should just have one do breakfast all day, one do lunch/dinner all day, and the last one switch over like normal.

I just saw a Burger King near my house which is advertising that they now start selling burgers at 8:00 am. I think that the breakfast food hours remain unchanged. (I haven’t been in…“Burgers at 8:00 am!” is painted on their windows.) So it looks like Burger King can do both menus at once.

I think it’s curious that they went for earlier burgers rather than later breakfast. Is there really more call for burgers at 8:00 am than Egg McMuffins (or whatever BK sells) at noon?

I can’t really speak about what a BK kitchen is like. I know that they normally cook bigger batches of things and hold them longer before serving (thank you microwave!), but I only ever worked the front counter (and not for very long).