Will my teeth disintegrate??

Hoping some of the chemical peroxide experts can help me out here, there certainly seems to be a lot of them on this board…

I use peroxide to rinse my mouth after brushing.

Since it bleaches things and
apparently highly concentrated peroxide is used to whiten teeth in those drive thru teeth whitening offices…

I have recently started…>>>>

>>>keeping it in my mouth for 3-4 minutes in hope that it might
whiten my teeth (actually the foaming at the mouth is quite fun)

Am I wasting my time or ruining my teeth?

Avoid straight peroxide. You will find various mouthwashes with peroxide as a diluted ingrediant.

Straight peroxide is… rocket fuel. Serious, it’s a self oxidizing fuel that’s activated by contact with platinum IIRC. Even hair bleaching peroxide is diluted but too dangerous to put in your mouth, Drugstore topical H2O2 is 3%