Will Prozac kill my dog???!!!

I dropped a 40 mg. Prozac on my living room sofa and after a thorough searching of the sofa cushions and floor, cannot find the damn thing! If my dog finds it first and eats it, will it harm her? She is a Jack Russel mix and weighs 18 lbs. She is 16 years old and very healthy. Should I be worried? Thanks in advance fellow dopers!
Big D

Should be OK

Might want to find out what constitutes an overdose for a small dog:

Thanks for the quick reply-I had heard a while back that they were using it on dogs but I just was concerned about the dosage. I take the 40 mg. but I weigh a teeny-weeny bit more than her! LOL!

A Jack Russell on Prozac. I’m guessing your neighbors are going to thank you. :slight_smile:

True! So funny :smiley:

I, personally, would continue searching for the pill … when dropped, they have a habit of bounding and rolling a lot. If I still couldn’t find it, I’d be concerned about the dog. A 40 mg. dosage for an 18 lb. animal would be like a 400 mg. dosage for a 180 lb. adult male. Don’t know about Prozac dosages; is that a dangerous level? And bear in mind that dogs are not people, even when accounting for the size difference. And at 16, she’s not as physiologically resilient as a young pup.

If nothing else, keep an eye on her, looking for behavioral changes. And take her to the vet if there are any. Really, better safe than sorry in this case.

And I hope you’ve taken another pill, yourself. You shouldn’t be skipping a dosage of that med.

Accoding to my Saunder’s Handbook of Veterinary Drugs, 2nd edition, the average dosage ends up being 10-20mg per dog.

The high doses at which side effects are commonly seen is 10-20mg/kg, which in your 18lbs dog will be 81-163mg.

Still, this is based on healthy animals and good working internal organs (liver!), of which I know nothing about your dog.

Concerned? Take it to the vet

Look out for: Difficulty walking, vomiting, aggressive behavior, anorexia, tremors.

I second continued searching for that pill.