Dog may have eaten 40 mg prozac pill.

How dangerous is it if my 1 1/2 yr old Tibetan Spaniel may have eaten my prozac pill (40 mg).

How much does the dog weigh?

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Here’s the number for animal poison control. You should call them immediately. If you can make your dog vomit, it’s probably a good idea.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435

That said, prozac is sometimes prescribed to dogs. It’s not a poison, exactly. If it was only one pill, it will probably be ok.

But do talk to poison control about it.

Some info:

Since a Tibetan spaniel only weighs 9-15 pounds a 40 mg tablet is above the safe maximum.

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samclem, moderator

Well? Is the dog okay?

Bumping to see if there’s any news on Zach (the dog).

Hope he’s okay… and that’s his name, because then I can mention that I’m pro-Zach.

Are Tibetan Spaniels notably furry? I ask because this appears to quite a shaggy dog. :cool: