Will reading Rise of the Governor spoil Season 3 of The Walking Dead for me?

The kids in my class had given me scads of Amazon gift certificates for Teacher Appreciation Week, so I was looking for books to fill up my Kindle and enjoy reading during the nice summer break. As a relative late-comer to the zombie experience (reading about them, that is), I’ve explored many books in the genre over the past few months. Most were awful, some were OK, and a few were downright great.

I’ve enjoyed most of the classic zombie movies over the years, but have never read an illustrated book about them. This meant I missed out on The Walking Dead until it appeared on my television. I enjoyed it for the most part, but have no real interest in reading graphic novels. However, since it appeared that Rise of the Governor was a normal-style novella, I bought it. I’ve hesitated reading it, in fear that I will spoil Season 3 of TWD when it airs in the fall.

Please don’t spoil anything with your answer to my question: If I read about the governor, is it likely to diminish my enjoyment of the TV series?

The book shouldn’t spoil S3 of TWD as its story pre-dates S3. If you don’t want to spoil S3, then you certainly DON’T want to read the Governor storyline from the comics. Of course, who knows how much they’ll change…

Thanks. I was hoping it would pre-date S3 since it was advertised as being about about how the Governor became what he is (whatever that may be – I have no idea yet). I’ll not read the comics. I don’t think I appreciate the graphic novels like others might. A little too expensive and not enough reading. I know the art can be really good, but it just doesn’t grab my interest. I’m looking forward to reading that book, though. I think I’ll get started this everning.

Thanks again. Finding good zombie novels (or cheap books of any type) is not an easy thing. Thank goodness for Kindle and those inexpensive choices. It doesn’t hurt so much to lose just a couple of bucks on a real stinker – and it really feels good when you find that rare writer who makes you feel good about spending cash. It’s especially nice that you can have confidence that a future purchase from the same author has a good chance of being worth the time and money.

Isn’t this in continuity with the comics NOT the tv show… SO in theory shouldn’t spoil anything.

Probably. Not having read it I don’t know how much foreshadowing it has, but at very least it will probably give you a miserable ‘must-be-scratched’ itch to know what happens next, and knowing that it’s as easy as typing *Walking Dead ‘The Governor’ *into Google to find the answers will spoil it.

OTOH, as mentioned, there’s a lot of difference between the series and the comic books and characters in one don’t always have the same fates or personalities as characters of the same name in another, so it certainly wouldn’t spoil everything. (Personally I prefer the TV show by a considerable margin.)

If you need to read something, I’d recommend reading the first few graphic novels- the ones that go through the time on Hershel’s farm- to keep up with the series.

I’ve not read any of the graphic novels, so that sounds like a fine idea. Knowing that the television series doesn’t always follows the books is good news. Is there a particular reason you like the tv version better?

I think the characters are more 3 dimensional, and not just due to HDTV. The graphic novels aren’t really big on personality. I’d give examples or say more, but then we’d get into spoilers.