Will Russia invade USA during political crisis?

Well, probably not. They are just flying some training missions for their bombers near Alaska.


Russian bombers back in the cold

          Cold War veteran: the Tu-95 bomber
          The Russian air force has resumed flights in the
          Arctic region after a 10-year break, prompting
          the United States and Canada to deploy
          aircraft at their forward bases in Alaska and
          western Canada.

          The press service of the Russian Air Force
          confirmed on Friday that seven Tupolev 95MS
          strategic bombers had been stationed at the
          Anadyr, Tiksi and Vorkuta bases in the
          country's Far North.

          The bombers can carry
          cruise missiles and
          nuclear warheads.
          They have a range of
          up to 11,000km, which
          would allow them to
          cross the Bering Strait
          and approach Alaska.

          A Pentagon spokesman
          told AFP on Thursday
          that in response to the
          Russian move F-15
          Eagles and CF-18
          Hornets had been deployed at bases in Alaska
          and Canada.

          Major Jamie Robertson, spokesman for the
          North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD)
          Command, said: "The fighters are in place, and
          some of the tankers and air surveillance
          aircraft are moving up."

A Russian air force spokesman said there was
nothing special about the deployments.

. . . and?

Nyet! :cough: I mean No! … he, he… vy, have you haired zumthink?

Er… heard something!! Hee, hee. I have a cold.

Russia is having problems defeating a 4th rate break-off province, that has no tanks or planes. The morale is rock bottom, they have fallen behind at least a decade technologically, and maintenance on their stuff is non-existant. We could send the army home & let the NRA defend us. the Boy Scout might be able to handle it even. Jeez, Russia?!?

What political crisis?

We have a President. He’s the same one that was in there on November 6th. There’s no crisis until January 21.

We have almost 2 months to settle the question of who’s going to move into the house with the big backyard in DC. There haven’t been any revolts, there haven’t been any real riots, nobody’s been killed in the confusion (although we almost lost a possible VP-elect to stress).

There is no crisis. It’s going a little less smoothly than it has lately, but we have time. Chill, folks. Neither one can possibly mess things up too badly in the single term they’re going to have versus a Congress that’s divided pretty closely. I’m just biding my time waiting for Jesse in '04.

Yeah, with what, a fleet of their top notch submarines?

Invade us? Them and what army?

Actually the US is in a pretty good situation at the moment. Russia is bankrupt, technologically and logistically behind by too far a gap. As for the the other nations actually able to invade: China is finding finacial rewards from capitalism, and isn’t going to do anything radical in the near future. India is seen as a friendly nation and the only nation it would ever attack is Pakistan.

But lets have fun with this…
Though if India did want to cross eastern Russia and enter the US, they would probably need china’s help, in which case the US would have no chance in HELL and then would launch all it’s Intercontinental Nuclear Ballistic Missiles at strategic targets in China and India and then India and China would send theirs to the US and a small proportion of them would be shot down but the rest would hit the US. By this stage Russia has already taken sides to profit from China and Indias moves. It would probably attack after the nuclear assault from india and china. It would probably measure it up at the time but would generally side with the US otherwise the European Council Rapid Deployment Force would have already decided to either attack Russia which would be deciding which side to take, the Europeans would attact with surprise on their side. NATO will be little or nothing in the next decade, maybe 2, due to the European Alliances within the European Council. The arab nations would see this as a good time to hit Israel because they would not have support of the rest of the world. Iraq would invade Iran. South East asian nations would either allie themselfs with China and India or will side with the Australia-Pacific-US alliance to flank the Chinese and take strategic locations in South East Asia. In all probability Indonesia would not allie itself with anyone and would probably have ago at Australia. Australia with New Zealand by it’s side easily stop any attack due to the Indonesian’s poor deployment and mobilisation as well as deserters and aging military hardware. Australia without US help because they would be pretty much destroyed because of the Nuclear attacks, Australia would have to take Indonesia, Allie with the newly democratic Philipines as well as Thailand to launch an offensive on southern china which would be under guarded due to the offencive on the US. Most of the Pacific wouldn’t get into a Nuclear conflict because the South Pacific Forces would be quick to disable the nuclear capabilities of Southern China. The Africa states would basically attack each other due to the fact that no super power can stop them at the moment. The same thing would happen to South America. But Brazil being a semi-Super Power would easily keep order there, probably increasing it’s borders and probably deciding not to enter the THIRD WORLD WAR, it would severly fortify it’s north in case India and China actually do make it through the US. At this time Russia being greedy and not to quick to make an alliance with the Chinese or Indians would probably do well at taking some of canada due to China and India’s occupation with the US. The Europeans quickly stabilise their reagin and start the invasion of Russia. Very quickly taking Russia’s strategic strong points and forcing Russia Command centers further east. The US would probably be taken by China and India and would go into resistance mode. Canada would be taken by Russia. Russia would not allie itself with India-China but would probably organise some kind of mutual strategic positions. ie. The Russians will hold the very quickly moving Western Front to stop the Europeans freeing the US in exchange India and China would not attack Russia. India-China would probably regroup in as little time possible and then wipeout any opposition in South America which would come after the war. Mexico, central american countries and Brazil would allie to stop the Indian China invasion. Mexico would be easily taken and the mexican army would be force south to regroup with the mobilised Brazilian armies to launch an offensive on the India-China forces. In Africa, South Africa was not quick to stabilise the region and many of the nations have merged creating mega african states. These African states would soon relise that either they were going to be attacked by South Africa or if the Europeans helped the Israelise that they would then move in and through africa also. The Northern African States would probably allie and move up through Egypt and attack Israel as well as keeping a southern front heavily fortified incase of a South African surprise attack. The African States would be too little, too late. Israel easily held off the Arab states and started invading them, the African forces would quickly be dissolved by the Israel Airforce. By this stage the Russian Forces have almost moved completely out of Russia and into Canada because of the Europeans. The Europeans have opened up a pathway to attack Northern India and they do so with most of their forces. Russia sees this as a time to recover and regroup. Russia will offer a surrender treatie in which it maintains all the teritory at the time of signing. The Europeans reject it on the account they want an Unconditional Surrender, including the release of Canada and parts of Northern US. India-China are finding it difficult to hold off both an offensive by south American forces as well as the resistance in the US, India-China lose ground and the front moves North. The Europeans have started their invasion of Northern India. The Pacific forces have only weakened Southern China and no advances were made. South Africa makes a move on the North African Alliance which was seriously weakened by the Israelie Airstrikes. Israel does not further its advance beyond Egypt and moves the bulk of it’s forces to assist in the invasion of India. Southern Africa makes a considerable advance through the Northern African States. Brazil and the other South American forces have made good advances up into the United States. By now it is very clear that India-China and the separete Russia forces are going to lose the war. Russia tries to make a deal with the Europeans to get on their side and give them excellent strategic positions in canada to attack the Indian-Chinese forces. India’s and Chinas relations are breaking down as India is being invaded and China is holding firmly. Indian forces withdraw from the US and they head back to stop the complete invasion of the Europeans. China finds it to difficult to hold the US against the resistance and the approaching South American forces. China withdraws from the US. The Indian forces are far too late to help their own country and don’t make it past Canada, as the Russians attack the Retreating Indian-Chinese forces. India is completely taken by the European forces and the Israel forces have arrived to provide a little extra support when they invade China. Russia surrenders. China is not taken very quickly due to the difficult terrain. The Pacific Forces, European, Israelie forces all attack on different fronts. After just a few days China signs the Unconditional Surrender. South Africa has taken the North African states, which surrendered.

World War III is over and only about 4/5 of the worlds population are dead from nuclear, bio and chemical weapons. Most of the worlds infrastructure has been destroyed. The least destroyed region of the world Europe (which was never invaded) leads the development of the World Government. A nation of united humanity to end all wars between humans. This new World Government whose capital in London, England directs the aid and reconstruction of infrastructer. Within 1/2 a century of the end of WWIII the world would be a far better place, socialist inclined government democratically elected by the people of the world, without party’s or divisions. Science and Technology flourish. All disease has been ended by immunity chips. Everyone has a job and a place within the world community. There is no famine, no racisim. Humans reach out to the other planets of the solar system establishing colonies on mars, asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Basically the world is a much better place then the start of the 21st Century.

But imagine if the Indian-Chinese and Russian forces had succeeded!?

Thanks for listening,

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Well, I can see where the Beeb would be concerned anytime some Russki took a fighter plane out of the hangar and let the engine turn over a few times. “Oh, no, the Commies are back!”

And I can see where NATO might express concern–“We’ve got to protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen!”

But I totally fail to see where I need to be concerned. I live in Illinois, and if those crazy Slavs ever did manage to get some of their antique flying machines workin’ right, it would be Southern California and/or the East Coast New York Intelligentsia who’d be up against the wall first, and no great loss on either count, say I. :smiley:

PerfectDark: Hmmm, India invades U.S.? I like it. I see–Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, and some bimbo. Can we make Gene Hackman look Indian?

“antique flying machines”

Oh yeah…the su-27, mig-29, and Su-35 are realy archaic ehhh?

I don’t know who would play the US president, Harrison Ford or Morgan Freeman they have both done it well before? As for Gene Hackman, it’s amazing what makeup and a turbin can do now adays! What could it be called?

DDG-hey, watch what you say about us Slavs!

(Just kidding!!! Did you know that the word Slav means “glory” and that the word slave came from Slav?)

Dunno what we could call it, Perfect, but for some reason I just flashed on a SNL skit I saw a long time ago, called something like “Gandhi Kicks Ass”. Anybody else remember?

Halbermensch, you did realize that those aircraft you’re talking about are really only plastic models, carefully photographed and released to the press? The only things the Russkis have that actually fly are their rapidly aging Aeroflot units, and a couple squadrons of crop dusters based in the Ukraine. Oh, and I think Gorbachev used to have a Piper Cub he used to get out to his country place, but it could be anywhere by now.

But hey, watch the skies, and if you see a Piper Cub with funny missile-lookin’ things bulging under its wings, take shelter immediately.

God i hope you’re kiddin.

I am kidding–it’s not a Piper Cub, it’s a Cessna.

What? No black helicopters?

On Wings, on the Discovery Channel. They had a documentary on helicopters, basically they were saying that Russia can afford to do any more research on anything and they will have to stay with the really old and poorly maintainised helicopters they have (I think that they were the helicopters with thrust vectoring?) Anyway but about 3/4 of the show was devoted to saying how good all the US helicopters are especially the new stealth helicopter, the Commanche (can’t spel, sory). Which apparently, one commanche, could destroy most of all the Russian helicopters (heck, there aren’t that many anyway).


Well the question has changed from ‘will they invade’ to ‘can they invade’ and the answer is obiviously no. So this proves the question. Russia will not invade the USA during political crisis because I can’t.

Jeepers–evidently PerfectDark is really Vladimir Putin…