Will self-driving cars be dangerous due to computer hackers?

I won’t put this in a URL tag so that you can see what it’s about

the bottom line is that it can be done. The article talks about how security was shown to be inadequate with some access into the system. But in this article

the demonstrators “took control of a car’s computers through cellular telephone and Bluetooth connections, the compact disc player and even the tire pressure monitoring system.”

There doesn’t have to be a profit motive. Sadly, there are people who would do it just to show they could, or for simple maliciousness (at least IMO).

But if you really do want to see a profit motive, from the second article I referenced “…believes basic theft is a more likely consequence of computerization, with criminals being able to unlock doors remotely and then start and drive the car by hacking through the diagnostic port. Remote door unlocking could also lead to theft of packages, phones and other items that are stored in a car”