Will silicone spray lubricant damage my camera lens?

I’ve got a Canon point and shoot camera with a zoom lens. It’s got a lens protecting shutter (I’m not sure what it’s actually called) that no longer closes when the the zoom lens retracts after turning it off. Could I shoot some silicone spray into a small cup and carefully brush some onto the shutter in order to fix this problem? Or will the silicone spray lubricant damage the lens coating? In other words, I don’t plan on blasting the lens with silicone spray, but carefully and selectively apply it.

I guess I can bring it to my local camera shop but they kind of creep me out and typically charge a fortune for any service. In any case, any suggestions for resolving this problem would be appreciated.

How about spraying it on a q-tip or the corner of a lint free cloth and just applying it where it needs to go. I have no idea if it would damage the lens (or sensor), but I think it be a pain to get it off the glass without leaving streaks…the solvent you end up using to clean it might end up causing the problems.

I would search for your model number and “stuck lens cover”

Some of these are relatively easy to repair yourself - and you may be able to find easy step by step instructions.

For example:

As you probably know - sometimes models are part of a family - if your model is similar, but a different number than a very popular model - you might search for that one too if you get no luck under your model.

I wouldn’t try the lube thing until I tried a couple other things first (compressed air & hair dryer) - after I looked for the lens repair thing.

ETA: also I read my link more carefully - and it seems to have good advice that would apply to lots of different models.

If you can do it without getting ANY on the lens, go for it (with a q-tip). But bear in mind that if you solve this problem, the silicone may eventually spread to the lens itself, which could be problematic.

That’s a dust/sand issue. Don’t add to the problem, carefully blow it out with canned air. Short bursts, don’t let the can get to where it feels cold in your hand, at all.

NEVER put a wet lube near a lens - the results of it migrating onto the glass is too great.

Blow it out or take it to a camera shop with a repair facility.

I would not even put graphite near a lens - they are coated with material to reduce whatever it is that caused manufacturers to switch to coated lens in the 50’s - this is why they appear blue/purple. Don’t mess with the coating. Unless you want some interesting “ghosts” and color aberrations.

I wouldn’t put silicone spray near a lens.