Will the distinction US government / US citizens be washed away if George Bush wins

Will the distinction US government / US citizens be washed away if George Bush wins the election?

So far I have been careful to point out that my dislike for the current US administration does not extend to the US citizens. After all, who could have known that Bush would turn out the way he did?

But if he wins again this will be a direct endorsement from people who should know better. So far I see a lot of “The French” or “The Germans” type of complaints on the board when politics are discussed as opposed to “Chirac (Sp?)” or “Schröder”, whereas anti-American sentiments are fairly rare - most of the animosity is directed against Bush and his cronies.

I guess I am still going to insist on the distinction, even if the worst case comes to be.

I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say, “NO.”

Furthermore, I might be thinking something like, “No, and you are an idiot for thinking as much.”

Instead, why don’t you illustrate exactly what you mean by “The French” or “The Germans” type of complaints"???

What message board did you intend this to be posted to? Surely not the SDMB.

Those that hate Bush use any and all opportunities to attack the Republican Party. Regardless of which member. It’s a constant brow-beating of anyone that casts a vote for a candidate that has an “R” next to the name.

I have a general dislike toward France that goes back long before Crotchien. I realize it’s mostly directed toward Parisians, but it seems the majority of French on the world-stage is among the same opinion.

I also realize Jean-Luc in a tiny village on the Brittany coast most likely favors Americans. But his voice is seldom, if ever, heard on the world stage. I would truly like to like France. We have a LOT of history together. But I’ll be damned if I’ll listen to the French, Canadians or Germans denegrate my country because they disagree with what D.C. does. I take it as a personal attack.

I’d say I wish I could change my opinion, my allegiance, or my way of thinking. But as a staunch conservative, even I thought Clinton did OK. Lying, perjuring, felon that he was.

Keep demonizing us, November 3rd, we’ll all meet up here again I trust.

I’d go out on a limb and say ‘yes’.

I’ve noticed that people are careful to make the segregation between the American people (we like you, you’re just people like us) and the monster in charge (seriously, please just fuck off and die).
His current term was gained by subterfuge (or is viewed as being so) and the US had no experience of his leadership at a national level, so it’s forgivable.
If he gets in again, then the US populace will be seen to agree with him and frankly that will make the US populace almost as unpopular as he is. This cannot be a good thing, especially if you’re abroad.

Just so you know, that makes me even more want to vote for him (though in my state it doesn’t matter anyway) because we don’t give a fuck what YOU THINK.

Yeah great thinking, that’ll teach 'em.


However this election goes (and please God let it not be Bush) the popular vote will obviously be very close. Can you really hold the entire population responsible for the opinions of half the population?

Umm, that’s pretty scary. We all have to share this planet at the moment. It’s good to have friends.
I’m honestly scared for the American people if Bush gets in again.

xenophobia roolz!

davidm - logically, no. But most humans tend to group things together. Much like the French being ‘smelly, cheese loving surrender monkeys’ rather than tens of millions of individuals represented by a few visible people.

Don’t worry, we won’t have a planet to share for much longer if the American electorate doesn’t smell some coffee PDQ… :frowning:

I don’t care so I’m gonna do it to SPITE YOU!!!


Yeah, well, I suspected you might have been joking, but I did a quick search and found that posted about an hour ago that you were drunk. Go away. Don’t make things worse.


Actually, I do respect you Desmo.
But you have NO IDEA how Americans feel. Please don’t presume to know better than I whom to vote for.

From the outside, I’m sure it’s an easy choice. From here, I say, DEFEAT TERRORISM.

Go ahead and think it and say it, we’re in the pit after all. Oh and for the record, you’re a bloody moron.

Your reason for voting for Bush is the dumbest explanation / excuse I have ever heard regarding the election. If it makes you feel happy, do just that, but don’t kid yourself into believing you have become a big rebel or shown the world with this. You have merely illustrated the point that you’re a fucking idiot.

Last time it was close as well, but this time it’s different because one candidate has already demonstrated his “value”. Anything bad that happens this time cannot be waved off with “Who could have known he’d do this?” as he already demonstrated his regard or disregard for international law and for the constitution of the USA.
Lumping in half of the citizens with the government would be understandeable now. I’d like to think that I’ll be level headed enough to make a distinction nonetheless.

Cease and desist with the insults to cheese-lovers. Wisconsinites are smarter than that and may take humbrage to the French link. :dubious:

You saying must make it true.

Go fuck yourself.

What? Does someone in America actually produce some decent cheese? Well I’ll be [insert action of choice here].

I think I have a reasonably good idea how some Americans feel, just through talking to them on this message board. Some support Bush, some don’t. I also see the poll numbers and see the same indications about Americans in general.

You, personally, should vote for whomever you want. I’ll respect your choice, regardless of whether or not I agree with it.

My “don’t make things worse” comment didn’t refer to voting for Bush. It was the posting while drunk thing. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer.

Wisconson is known for its cheese. None of that fancy imported Brie de Nangis for us, we much prefer a big ol’ slice of stinky Liberty Fromage!