Will The Master follow up on my Lake Michigan Submarine Question?

Years ago, I asked Unca Cecil about the Mystery Submarine found in Lake Michigan & nearby waters. Sadly, the original column may not be online anymore. :frowning:

But I have also heard that yet another mystery submarine may have been located!
Wassup with the submarines?
Is Aquaman opening a driving school? {Heh. “School”.}

Hey! Long time no see/hear/read/whatever!
I remember that column from years ago. Somehow it was teasered on Google News and after reading the article I found that the link at the bottom brought me here.
I participated quite enthusiastically for a while and then got swamped with administrative duties at my work.
It’s great to see you’re still around, great to see he’s coming back, and it’s great to be wandering through again.


I’m a 99er here. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the German WWI U-boat sunk 20 miles off Highland Park, IL?

There were several subs found.