Cecil's New Mailbag

Where is Cecil’s new mailbag?

Each of the new columns ends with the following:

After some time off to recharge, Cecil Adams is back! The Master can answer any question. Post questions or topics for investigation in the Cecil’s Columns forum on the Straight Dope Message Board, boards.straightdope.com/.

But historically speaking we’ve never used the Cecil’s Columns forum for questions unless related to an existing column. The forum rules for Cecil’s Columns include this, for example,

Obviously if you want to ask Cecil a question on some topic that hasn’t been covered in a previous column or Staff Report, it will be difficult to provide a link. After a month we haven’t seen any totally new questions submitted in the Cecil’s Column forum (there’s one follow-up question where the previous column couldn’t be found).

Generally, questions used to belong in Factual Questions (formerly General Questions), IMHO, or one of the other subforums that isn’t Cecil’s Columns. I believe questions for Cecil used to be physically mailed in or emailed to cecil@straightdope.com. The main website states that this email is occassionally checked but it also proves itself outdated by stating that Cecil is still on haitus from 2018.

Where does one go to ask The Master a question today?


I’m going to give this a bump and move it to the Cecil Forum. It is a good question and I don’t know the answer.

I hope we don’t simply have them asked as random topics in this forum. I prefer to keep this forum tidy with Cecil’s columns only if for no other reason than it makes subscribing to updates from Cecil straightforward. If all the incoming questions land here, I’ll turn notifications off and probably read fewer columns/answers.