Will the Oakland Raiders go 0-16?

I wish my dad were alive to see this. He hated the Raiders and this year’s team promises to be one for the ages.

They have everything in Oakland and I don’t mean that in a good way.

They have a horrible offensive line that can’t protect their inept quarterback. And there’s the primadonna, star receiver who can’t refrain from ripping his own team. Moss says he plays when he wants to and I’m thinking he won’t want to at all this year. Porter wants to play, but not in Oakland. So he rides the bench every game until he gets his trade (which may never happen).

Throw in a rotten defense, a crappy coach, an intrusive owner and you got yourself something. Even the place-kicker is a head case on this team.

What’s more, the Raiders don’t play Green Bay this year. They play the Browns and Texans at home and they play the Jets in the final week of the season. So there will be soft spots on the schedule, but this team looks so bad it’s hard to see them winning anything.

Can they become the only non-expansion team to ever go 0-16?

They’ll have to hunker down and concentrate in order to lose to the Jets. They’ll probably choke and win it with an interception returned for a touchdown or something.

Will the Oakland Raiders go 0-16?

Probably not. But I’d love to see it happen.

I think Aaron Brooks just got sacked again!

I predict the Raiders to eke out 3 wins on their way to finishing in last place in the AFC west division.

Brooks tried to throw up, but his vomit was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

They do look pretty bad, although 0-16 is a bit of a stretch. I have Randy on my fantasy team, so I’m still slightly hopeful that they’ll just fall behind every game and have to go nuts passing to try to catch up. Sure most of those passes will get intercepted, but Randy has to be able to catch one once in a while :slight_smile:

And I had completely forgotten the Art Shell sideline statue imitation. That dude is hilarious.

Even if a team starts out losing 9, 10, 11 straight games, that in itself forces at least enough changes that they can usually eke out a win or two.

If Rich Kotite’s '96 Jets could win a game (granted, it was against the Cardinals) anyone could.

In baseball, the consensus is that every team wins 40 and loses 40, and so there’s a definite ceiling and floor for performance.

Does the same concept apply to football? Is there a floor where every team will lose no more than X number of games? The smaller sample size would indicate probably not, but I’m curious to see if it’s true.

The expansion Buccaneers went winless in '76.
The Bengals were lucky to get 2 wins in '02, as were the Texans last year.
I’d say two wins is the current minimum, but it IS Aaron Brooks.

I hope so. At the beginning of each football season, I say a little prayer to the football gods that if the Broncos only win two games this year, please let them be against the Raiders. :smiley:

I remember reading an article about them during that season. It had one of my all time favourite titles: The Losingest Team in Football.

If anyone can do it, it’s this years Raider team. Robert Gallery looks to be another Tony Mandarich type bust- long hair, tattoos, huge biceps, but looked pathetic against much smaller and faster Charger pass rushers. And what they hell was the point in getting Moss if you don’t have a quarterback who can get him the ball?

Moss is there for the leadership he brings to the squad.

The team does have chemistry. It’s ph level is 0, however.

I can easily see 4-12 and almost as easily 3-13. 2-14 and 1-15 are less likely, but I could buy 2-14 right now. I think 0-16 would require an ineptitude of colossal proportions. Almost as hard in its way (not to mention the embarassment factor) as going 16-0. They could do it, but I think it’s far more likely that they’ll go at least as good as 1-15.

And now out for a couple of weeks.

In the preseason, I had the Raiders picked for 2nd place in the division. If I could take it back now, I certainly would.

I’ll go along with garygnu’s floor of two wins.

The Browns had a bad first game, but we’re not in the same league as the Texans and the Jets. Little doubt we’re going to beat Oakland, whereas those two teams just might.

What teams went 0-16, anyway?

I don’t really care, as long as they lose tomorrow in Baltimore.

Given Baltimore’s performance against Tampa last week, i’m betting on the Ravens.

No team has ever gone 0-16.

The expansion Bucs went 0-14 in their first year. To go 0-16 would be a remarkable accomplishment. Odds are no team will lose all 16 this year, but the Raiders are the perfect storm of shit to at least make it seem possible.

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