Will the poster who predicted the terrorist threat please stand up?


I have been searching pit threads for the past hour and a half, looking for the poster who stated something along the lines of:
“Okay, you want predictions? Here they are. At least one terrorist threat during the Dem Nat’l Convention. The “capture” of Osama bin Laden in October…” And a few more.

Wanted to tell you, the FBI got to anxious to wait and jumped the gun. So far, you’re on target though. And with a nice twist!! Not only are the terrorists targeting the convention, they’re targeting media at the convention. So, all media personnel should stay far, far away, not cover the event at ALL!! Cuz, we don’t want our news people getting blown to smithereens, now do we? (Where’s the halo-smilie?)


I predict you’re gonna get a bunch of people asking you for a working link.


Was the prediction in this thread?

Ah, frag. Sorry 'bout that.


Right, because if you disrupt the media coverage, obviously there can’t be a convention.

Wait a minute…

YES!!YES!!YES!! Thank you, Cheesesteak!
Erm. Please remove all sexual connotations from that outburst. I was frustrated as all hell to not be able to find it.

I’ll have what she’s having.

I thought it might be in here, but I wasn’t gonna look for it, I’ll tell you whut!

Don’t forget, I am still predicting that Osama (who is currently locked in a storage facility in New Jersey) will be brought out in chains onto the floor of Madison Square Garden on the last night of the Republican Convention.

The last night? Nah. It’ll be teased the first night, grainy video footage the second, an actual live appearance the third, and by the fourth GWB will shoot him as he is accepting the party’s nomination. Gotta keep the ratings pumped on all the nights of the convention.

Then, driven mad by the cameras’ flashbulbs, he will break free and climb the Empire State Building, clutching Ann Coulter in one hand!

I think there are plenty of people in this country who would be only too happy to have media coverage of the conventions disrupted.

The line starts with me and continues around the corner…

I think it’s a sandwich of some sort… :wink:

<Without my bowl of Conspiracy-O’s>
Wha? :confused:
</Looking inside of an empty box of C’-O’s>

Actually, the line starts down the street in the “free speech” zone.

“Sources within the Bureau report an increase in ominous ‘chatter’ from the shadowy network, identified only as the ‘FNC’…”

:smiley: :wink:

Any possibility of goading him into dropping her?

Nothing especially earthshaking. Just wanted to tell NotMrKnowItAll that his divination skills are close, but need a little work. Got extraordinarily frustrated when I couldn’t find the flippin thread, so requested help.

Thanks again, Cheesesteak, the release from frustration was wonderful. :wink:

Now that’s some Must-See TV!