I KNEW IT!!! Al-Qaeda threat fabricated

Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information

Look, I know we have to be aware - the world is a dangerous place and vigilance is needed. But I had a nagging feeling that somewhere along the line we have been having our collective chain jerked.

Let’s stay vigilant, but I think rushing out to buy the duct tape and plastic sheeting may not be necessary (unless you have some strange fetish we probably shouldn’t know about).
Carry on!

Lovable Rogue

Wait, you’re saying the terrorists are lying? Say it ain’t so!

Is there no honor amongst maniacal jihad fanatics or their Allah-less plastic haired, robotic counterparts?
I am agog.

The word that the terror alert was based partly on false information has the potential to do some significant damage to the public perception of the alert system. It has the potential to turn into a real-life version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Wait a second, you’re saying that the government believed that fucking ** terrorists put NEUTRON-FUCKING-bombs in their SHOES?**

How corny and stupid is this getting? WAY too many people read or saw The Sum of All Fears. Even if they put it in their shoes, that would develop a “blast” that might take out 3 people, including the terrorist. Christ.

All this national terror over nothing…people panicking and acting like friggin ninnies over a practical joke that undoubtedly gets one helluva BELLY LAUGH out of the joker that pulled it off. And now that they’ve fooled the US gov’t, they’ll be sure to either repeat as often as possible, or misdirect us when the day finally comes to attack(if they ever do, which I strongly doubt).

Fucking unbelievable.


So if the threat is fabricated (which I heard late last night, at least twelve hours ago), why are we still at Orange?

Why do assume it was the terrorists who fed the government the misinformation? Personally I suspect the makers of duct tape and plastic wrap did it as a way of upping their sales.

Seriously though, I don’t think there’s enough info in the article to go on. First off, could a dirty bomb actually be encased in a shoe? And I mean an effective one that would scatter radioactive material for blocks. Also are we sure ABC got it right? Maybe what was said was that the material for the bomb was smuggled in that way, not the whole bomb itself.

I think that the govt. should’ve given the informant a lie detector test earlier and maybe saved some people some anguish, but OTOH, they didn’t raise the threat level to aqua/purple plaid, or whatever the highest level is. If the govt. had raised it to the highest level I would be a bit more perturbed. Let’s remember that they only said there was an increased chance from previous weeks that a terrorist attack was likely, not a definite chance.

And let’s also remember that the article linked to in the OP states that they have other info that a terrorist attack is still likely, so there may still be a legitimate reason for the raising of the threat level, and people reading too much into the shoe thing and accusing the govt. of overreacting are forgetting that there’s still other info about potential terrorist attacks that we the public don’t have.

On a final note, I went into D.C. last night to see Rent at the Warner Theatre, which is only blocks from the White House, so neener-neener to the terrorists and the makers of duct tape. No point living in fear of something you can’t control.

I saw it Tuesday. Wasn’t the actress who played Mimi awesome? I loved her performance of “Out Tonight”!

For me she, like a lot of the play, was hit or miss. “Out Tonight” was not one of my personal favorites, and there were a few other bits I didn’t care for.

Overall though I liked it a lot, and I loved the duet Mimi did with Roger on “Light My Candle”, and the ensemble opening of the second act with “Seasons of Love” was worth the price of the tickets all by itself (but that song was too damn short!). Any song that had Angel in it I also enjoyed, that guy rocked! I’m planning on picking up the soundtrack later today.

Fantastic. One guy can make up something and set the whole nation on edge. And yet we insist we’re not going to give in to terror. If that isn’t giving in, what is?

But… but… but what am I going to do with all this plastic and duct tape?!?

[think… think… think… DING!]

Anyone up for a Dopefest??? :smiley:

My point exactly. Our president is a warmonger, and a scaremonger. He tells people not to panic, but that they should pick up plastic and duct tape to save them from bio-terrorism and “BTW, we’re going to XYZ alert”. All this over one little stupid lie that is SO outrageous!

If the CIA/NSA/President, Et. al. actually believe a bomb large enough to justify the measures they’ve taken thus far,(missile launchers around the capital, Etc), could be stuffed in a shoe, they’ve totally lost it…

And so have all of the turkeys who went out and bought plastic and tape. And shame on the hardware stores for taking advantage of those idiots by putting up “terror” displays of plastic, flashlights, duct tape, Etc.

Well, in defense. If something ever DID happen again in this country, there would be fifty five threads from these same people blaming the government for not warning us adequately, just like they did after 9/11. Do you disagree?

The Orange Alert was not based on information from this lone informant, but from many sources. This according to ABC News on the radio – the snippets they play at the top of the hour on AM drivetime talk radio.

The official word is that one informant failed a polygraph test, while info from other sources has checked out. Might be BS … might not be BS. Who knows?

That’s not what happened.

I do think that the alerts are overblown, though, and that such information should not be made public unless the public can really do something about it (e.g. telling the public to avoid a bridge until after it can be examined for explosives).

All together now. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
And Jar

So what you’re saying is that Bosda committed pre-mature exasperation in his recent thread?

:ducking and running like hell:


Over 40,000 Americans will die this year from automobile accidents. Stock up on gauze and little pine tree air fresheners.

Over 10,000 Americans will be killed this year by people they already know! Please purchase kevlar jammies and keep an eye on uncle Earl.

Over 200,000,000 Americans will be misled this year by something they heard on television.

I worked with a guy with real bad foot odor, once. He had long since passed the Weapons of Mass Destruction stage and was well into the Crimes Against Humanity stage.

Perhaps in the future they should give the fucking guy a lie detector test first.