Will the taking of ibuprofen or other drug during a fast skew my cholesterol test?

I’ve googled around about this, but can’t find a satisfactory answer, so I come here.

I need to go in in the next few days for a routine fasting blood test, but I’ve been getting nighttime headaches - mild migraines, actually. I take ibuprofen or Imitrex for these, and can’t find out if I ought not to take them during the night of my fast.

Actually, it’s more the kind of test to find out if my liver’s tolerating the statin drug now. We already know that my cholesterol’s down.

Any ideas?

Call the lab or ask your doctor. It’s really the simplest way.

I get cholesterol tests quarterly, and no one’s ever told me not to take any drugs before the test – I take 7 different prescription meds, including two cholesterol meds (Zocor & Niaspan).

Ibuprofen or Sumatriptan (Imitrex) shouldn’t causes any changes in a cholesterol test. However, I don’t know if Sumatriptan can causes a change in a Liver Function test or not, so if you are actually getting a LFT then I wouldn’t take the Sumatriptan just in case.

Ibuprofen is not metabolized or excreted by the liver, so it would be safe to take if needed.

This test is for liver function (tolerance of cholesterol reducing meds). Drugs that impact the liver might be a problem, even if these drugs do not impact cholesterol levels.

I would really double check with the lab.

Welp, I had planned on doing the blood draw this morning. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. just starting to hatch a migraine, and said “Screw it. I can’t not take any Imitrex”, and took it. I went to the lab as scheduled, and told the phlebotomist what I had taken, and she said it wouldn’t be a problem. So you have it from the horse’s mouth, as far as Imitrex goes, anyway.

Oops, I had better belatedly take my omeprazole now.

But ibuprofen is metabolized by your kidneys and might cause damage if you are dehydrated. Always drink a full glass water with it.