Will the Voting Rights Act espire in 2007?

In 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voters Right Act to allow minorities especially blacks to be allowed to vote without strings attached.

In 1982 Ronald Reagon amended the Act to continue it for another 25 years.

That means it will expire in 2007.

Is the above true?

Why hasn’t this act been made into a law?

It took me 5 seconds to find this one on snopes.com


In short, no.

I like this part from the Snopes e-mail:

What is that stuff in bold? That doesn’t even logically follow. Reagan extended it by signing a law, but in 2007 it would have to be extended by a Constitutional amendment (the only thing that requires state ratification)?

What may lie behind this Urban Legend is the fact that certain states, including parts of North Carolina, are required to obtain pre-approval for their redistricting from the Federal government to ensure that the rights of minority voters are not diluted by careful gerrymandering. That requirement does have a time limitation and will expire unless extended.