Will the woman who tatooed stars on her face have a normal life?

She’s confessed as much. Basically, her father god quite angry when he saw the tattoo, and then she made up the story… The tattoo guy even offered to pay for half of the cost removal, before she decided to go public :rolleyes:

Anyway, while I don’t think the tattoo looks all that great, it’s very fresh (which means raised and red skin) and in a few weeks it might look a bit better.

…besides, she looks like a Kat Von D wannabe… (Kat’s stars are way prettier and more subtle and artful, though!)

Is it bad that I think the worst part of his look is those dorky glasses? :smiley: I’m really not an extreme body art fan, but…he looks like he has really kind eyes, and that’s honestly mostly what I notice. The rest of it is sort of a blur… it’s so extreme that it’s passed the Uncanny Valley and it just looks like a mask to me.

But, obviously, this guy lives and breathes in a subculture where it’s not at all a problem for him. He may not have a “normal” life, but he has a life he’s successful at and probably prefers to a “normal” one.

I think she will have trouble in her life, but life a wild life and not have any problem making social and romantic relationships. Just MHO

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but I don’t think that looks as bad as it’s made out to be. If she herself were comfortable with those stars, they’d probably look good on her. I do think that getting tattoos in a place where they can’t easily be hidden bears some careful consideration beforehand, which she apparently didn’t give it, and that does reflect poorly on her.

She’s much better off than that woman who was paid to have an advertisement for a casino website on her freaking forehead, that’s for damned sure.

She could become a tattoo artist.

Or work as a bartender/waitress in a club for hard-core alternative types.

Her life isn’t ruined; it’s just not going to be mainstream or cookie-cutter. Seems kinda stupid of her to admit her regret out in public. If she had been loud and proud about it instead, then maybe she could have gotten some job offers or something.

Obligatory link.

And she only got $10,000.

I think it will be a difficult life because she can only come out at night.

I love those dorky glasses! I think they really make the look for him. :slight_smile:

I don’t care for tatoos in general but I’ve always thought Kat was beautiful and her stars only add to her considerable glamor. I think this girl will be ok but she needs to learn to own her ink.

That tattoo is pretty ugly.

until she decides what to do she may have to invest in industrial strength cover up.

I wonder whatever happened to her.
You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to have that done. At least, not on my face. Maybe on my ass.

She did it for her child. She was struggling financially and wanted to get an education for her son. She didn’t have a family to support her financially and was doing all she could do just to pay for the normal living expenses for her and her son. It was an amazing act of love if you ask me.

Unless you are planning for a career as a tattoo artist, rock star, stripper, East Village bartender or Maori warrior, I would highly recommend against face tattoos.

Yea, those who are saying that taboo has been broken are a bit optimistic to put it mildly.

One star on the eye, you MIGHT be able to get away with that in certain corporate environments, and you would be fine in a blue collar environment, but something like that is pretty extreme.

Are people forgetting that you can get makeup to cover tattoos? Or does that stuff not work well on the face? If so, I’ve seen a makeup designed to cover some serious facial blemishes. I would think it would cover those tattoos, as it is opaque.

Yeah, I know that it would be expensive to constantly buy that sort of makeup. But, won’t have discolored skin if that tattoo is removed, anyways?

You’re thinking of Dermablend, which makes heavy-duty concealer that can be used to cover birthmarks, port-wine marks, tattoos, and so forth.

I doubt that the star tattoos on her face will impact her life nearly as much as her being the sort of person who has stars tattooed on her face.

I mean, come on - maybe she is a lovely person. But at the very least she is a lovely person who doesn’t always think thru her actions.


Well…she’ll be thinking through this one whenever she passes a reflective surface